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A Referral Program That Gives Back (an Excerpt from Mike’s Book)

An excerpt from Mike Stromsoe’s book:

In the early days of our referral program, we hadn’t figured out our strategy in full, but we knew that we needed to do something—and then turn that something into a permanent promotional process. So, we started by sending out a letter. Every time someone sent us a referral—whether or not that referral became a customer—we sent a thank you letter that included a lottery ticket. The letter would say something like, “Thank you for your referral. I really appreciate it. Because I was lucky enough to get your referral, here’s a lottery ticket. Good luck!”


A friend of mine who had referred a lot of business to me actually won some money from one of the tickets. I saw him at a weekly networking event after he had won, and he ran up to me and said, “Mike, guess what? I won $116 from the lottery ticket you sent me last week!”


That got me thinking all during the meeting, and afterwards, I asked him if I could take a picture with him holding up the lottery ticket. Underneath the picture I would add a caption like, “Jim won $116 by telling someone he knows about our agency.” With that photo and caption, we created a green flier (since green is the color of money) that explained to people how they could also win.


We started sending out those green fliers with everything we mailed—and I do mean everything. We sent them in bills and letters and notifications of all kinds. Pretty soon, our referrals started increasing. It felt magical. Once the referrals started coming in, we made sure we continued to recognize the people that were referring us business by creating letters (with the lottery tickets included)—and of course, we’d include another green flier with the lottery ticket to keep the momentum going.


That is how our referral system was born, and it has continued to consistently work for us. After we had that system in place for a while, we decided to do even more to stand out, and to improve the program. So, we started partnering with some of our other client business owners. We contacted a client who owned some pizza shops, and I told him, “I’d like to give away a pizza for every referral, and I’ll pay you $ for every pizza we give away.”


Without hesitation he replied, “That’d be great.”


What type of referral program can you start that could benefit not just your client but your community too?

The Unstoppable Million Dollar Sales Producer Boot Camp

The Unstoppable Million Dollar Sales Producer Boot Camp

This new, two-day game-changing event will give you live training in order to give you real tips and instill in you how to be a better agency owner and producer.

Who will attend?

Mike Stromsoe: Agency Principal, Author, Speaker, America’s Leading Insurance Agency Trainer

Jesse Parenti: Partner/Director of Programs at Stratton Agency, Nationally Known Niche Authority

Shaun Irwin: Agency Principal, CPCU, RPLU, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Consumer Advocate

Discover the truth behind Million Dollar Sales Producer Jesse Parenti’s phenomenal success! Who is Jesse Parenti? Only a mega-successful multi-million dollar sales producer who will reveal every single detail of his success – nothing will be held back so that you, too, can follow in his footsteps and achieve financial success!

In addition to Jesse Parenti’s plan, you will get access to the industry’s top leaders, the Unstoppable Profit Producer, Mike Stromsoe and the extremely successful insurance veteran, Shaun Irwin.

There is no risk in attending this event! Surely, you must be thinking about the ticket price and travel expenses as a couple of risks. We are so confident in our Million Dollar Sales Producer boot camp we will happily refund your ticket and give you up to $500 in travel costs.

This amazing event is limited to only a small group of producers who want to make a difference in the way they run their agency. Secure your seat today in order to know how you can become the leading person in your niche or micro-niche marketplace of your choice. This event is guaranteed to get you up to speed!

When: May 18-19, 2017

Reserve your seat today and purchase your ticket today! Click here to be redirected and get your ticket.

Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for more details on this program and how you can score some tickets.  Don’t wait, space is limited and will sell out quickly!  Call 800-770-9984 today!


Million Dollar Sale Producer

What you have been waiting for is finally here! Discover the truth behind Million Dollar Sales Producer Jesse Parenti’s phenomenal success. 

When: May 18 – 19, 2017

Where: San Diego, CA

Jesse Parenti is a mega-successful multi-million dollar sales producer, and he will reveal every detail of his success in order to give you the opportunity to do the same. I get asked one specific question all the time: do I have a training session for producers to make them successful? The answer has regrettably been “No.” But things have changed.

We are now pumped to announce for the first time ever The Million Dollar Sales Producer Boot Camp is finally here and ready for you and your producers to go BIG in 2017!

This is a TWO-DAY event only, so make sure not to miss out on this rare opportunity.

You will be able to learn directly from REAL multi-million dollar insurance sales producer, Jesse Parenti, and Unstoppable Profit Producer, agency principal, producer, and marketing expert, Mike Stromsoe.

Here are the 5 Key Trigger of a Million Dollar Sales Producer you will discover at this great event.

  1. The Road to Riches – Learn the essentials and know what to be specific on.
  2. Secret Shortcuts – You will be given a map of the shortcuts to wealth and success.
  3. Set the Right Appointments – There are certain things you can do before you even show up to sell to increase your closing rate!
  4. Wealth Secrets – Create your niche and draw the riches that come from doing so.
  5. Lifetime Client Value – We have a proven system that creates a lock on your clients, so they will remain loyal to you and never want to leave.

Reserve your seat here!

Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for more details on this program and how you can score some tickets.  Don’t wait, space is limited and will sell out quickly!  Call 800-770-9984 Today!

Having a Higher Standard Will Only Improve You

The most successful people in the world, personally and professionally, seem always to be striving to reach the next level! You can too!

Focus always seems to be on the destination, meaning that you have to study your goals each and every day. By checking your goals every day, you force your brain to think of different ways to achieve that purpose. Jim Rohn said, “There’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by [your goals]. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them.” You can help you improve yourself by having higher standards in life and always pushing yourself.

Winston Churchill famously said, “The war was not won with the plan, it was won with the planning.” Most stellar results, whether in business or in life, are 90 percent preparation and 10 percent execution. When you are in the middle of pursuing your goals, you’ll face tough times and opposition. You’re going to want to quit because once you quit it’ll be the end of your problems and you can get back to watching TV. Well, no one has ever succeeded by simply watching TV! If you don’t suffer during the process, you will not reach the end goal – and success.

A Greek sculptor in 500 B.C. was once hired to create the statues for the very front of a building in Athens. The sculptor went off to carve the marble and took longer than the city fathers would have liked. The reason was that he made sure the backs of the statues were as beautiful as their fronts. When told that no one would ever see the backs and asked why he had done this, he replied simply with, “The Gods can see it, and I know it’s there.”

In the end, building or creating something has less to do with your end product and more to do with the integrity of your input. Don’t stop pushing yourself to be better, and your life will be filled with the great results!

It’s time to figure out how you can start earning more, working less, and enjoying life! Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program to do just that!

Event Promotion: Be Unstoppable 2016!

Imagine what your life would be like if you had a Simple, PROVEN 3 Step Blueprint that would grow your business, create financial security, and give you all the freedom you wanted – Guaranteed!

When: November 3 – 5, 2016

Where: Wyndham San Diego Bayside Hotel

1355 N Harbor Dr.

San Diego, CA 92101


People, Processes, and Promotion

Over the past 29 years of research in Mike Stromsoe’s agency business, Mike and his team have created a unique philosophy called the “Three P’s – People, Processes and Promotion.”   This outside-the-box thinking and guidance provides agency entrepreneurs just like you the knowledge and tools you can quickly implement to explode your agency business.  Mike’s team continues to refine and bring to market ONLY the tools that work.  They have been there, done that and are still doing it!  A Keynote Speaker and a proven Marketing Expert and Business Coach, Mike will convert any session into a business- and life-changing event.  You will walk away with tools you can immediately implement into your own agency business. Of course, every interaction with our program carries our exclusive, complete satisfaction GUARANTEE! Make a difference, Be Unstoppable, Leave No Regrets and take action right now!


Act Now and Instantly SAVE $202! You heard right, you pay ONLY $297, plus you can bring additional team members for just $197 each.  This offer expires April 30, 2016!

We sincerely hope to see you in San Diego this November! Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program to grow your business, create financial security and have more freedom, so you can live life on your own terms!

Maximize Your Motivation

Boost Your Productivity (And Self-Image) With These Tips

Successful business owners need more than just a great vision for their company and contribution to the world. Great ideas amount to nothing if they are never executed, so once your have an end goal and game plan for business success you still need one more piece: motivation. Lack of a drive to get things done can become your biggest obstacle to business success, so we would like to offer the tips for mustering your motivation.

  1. Choose Your Words Carefully: Are you all about success? That is great, but can become problematic when you encounter all the little human failings that happen each day. Instead of trying to embody success, work on becoming unstoppable. You may encounter a thousand little snafus each day, but none of them can stand in your way.
  2. What Would Mom Say?: Self-evaluation is important, but all too often our appraisal of ourselves leads us down a rabbit trail of focusing on our weak points. Experts report that the majority of us say a handful of negative things about ourselves for every positive thing. That kind of mentality is self-defeating, so work on having a more positive attitude. If you need some inspiration to love yourself more, your colleagues, friends and family can remind you of all the reasons they value you. Capture those thoughts, and go over them regularly so you can stay upbeat and motivated.
  3. Be The Best:If you have a hundred things to do that day, it can be tempting to rush through them all get your list checked off. Taking the time to do every task at hand excellently, though, will make you a standout in your career and help highlight your business in the industry. Make a commitment to yourself that you will do the best you can at all you do and your self-respect and personal motivation will increase dramatically.

Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for a premier wealth creation program that will help you work less, earn more, and enjoy life!


The end of the first quarter is near, are YOU still laser focused on your goals or have you lost some of your drive?

It is during this time that it’s critically important to clearly understand the “WHY” in what we do.  This is a significant factor in knowing where you want to go and culminate this year.

Our team recently had the opportunity to view a video about the “WHY”. It was a video that has caused daily reflection for some time. In fact, so powerful, we felt it would be unfair not to share it with each of you.

The focus is WHY we do what we do, whether it be in business or in life. Below are some of the key points of the talk. We hope these simple, yet important thoughts truly make a difference for you, your family and your business this holiday season:

Why – Why we do what we do – It is our purpose, our cause, our belief system. Why do we get out of bed in the morning or why does an organization exist?

How – How people do it – your differentiating proposition. The processes by which we do what we do. Does our make “all the difference” for others?

What – What is it that we do? Do we have clarity on our mission?

People aren’t in it because of what you do, they are in it because of why you do it; When the opportunity to connect with people who believe what you believe arises, a common why occurs. It is our hope that everyone will consider the WHY in everything you do and that your true belief will reflect in your efforts, whether it be business or pleasure, family or friend. Every relationship matters.

There is so much to be thankful for–our families and friends, our health, our homes, our daily lives. And there is incredible opportunity going forward in 2013.

Thank you for your support, confidence, your business and friendship!


Mike Stromsoe
The Unstoppable Profit Producer

PS Are you ready to start living life on your terms and for your WHY, let us help.  The next Agency Wealth Mastery Academy LIVE 2 day event is right around the corner.  This event is designed to give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to put your agency on autopilot… so you can enjoy more PROFITS, more FREEDOM and more time off in 2013!

Take Action NOW – full event details here!!!!



Do NOT Conform!!! And Get Your ASK in Gear!!!

Conformity- is that YOU? Many years ago, I heard a message about conforming to what everyone else in society does. Like so many other HUGE lessons in life, it came from outside of our industry. And just like so many more HUGE lessons, it happened because of our children. On a side note in the event you did not know, my wife and I raised (at least we gave it our very best shot) six kids. The lesson on conformity that opened my eyes and ultimately became ingrained into my being was at a youth event that I attended with some of our kids where former Oakland Raiders quarterback Jay Schroeder was speaking. Part of Jay’s message was about conforming to the rest of society. Jay went on to say that if you want to be like everyone else, then do what everyone else is doing. BUT if we want to achieve a higher level, in any facet of life, you must NOT conform. You must do things differently that the rest. One must be their own person, be themselves, and develop their own personality. Personally or Professionally, there is only one you. Make that you unique and share all of it with the world to “make a difference”.

So I ask you…..Are you falling prey to conforming and operating like every other agency out there? If that’s the case, then I am sorry to hear that you may be experiencing tougher times right now. Many agents we talk with are looking for some type of “magic pill”. THERE IS NO SUCH MEDICINE. They feel they can simply copy exactly what another is doing and it will instantly work in their marketplace. This is rarely true. What is accurate is adapting real world, proven thought processes and converting them to one’s own personality and marketplace is where genuine winners begin. Another piece of brutally honest truth is that hard work and sacrifice will be part of the process. Also on the list will be experiencing failure. Yes, there will be setbacks that will cause you to dig deep and find out who you really are and what you are made of. If you had time to digest my recent blog post, it’s called “The Mirror of Truth”.  I challenge you NOT to conform – ever. As part of your effort to create the agency that supports the life of your dreams, start with your next marketing campaign, operational upgrade or scripting effort.

Since we are talking about scripting, NOW is the perfect opportunity to make your team, your agency, every word that is uttered from their lips part of the “Unstoppable Non-Conforming Solution”. Don’t forget, you are the entrepreneurial leader of your organization and every word uttered from your lips will be the example your team follows.

BUT, if you are one of the non-conformist leaders who only subscribes to profitable and efficient operations-CONGRATULATIONS! Replicate what you are doing – FAST.

A critical part of implementing your new “Unstoppable Non-Conforming Solution” must be getting your Ask in Gear. Every call, every meeting, every conversation is a SALES opportunity. This is why you must be scripted ALL of the time. Make sure you continually educate your team on the importance of having their Ask in Gear every time. Make sure your scripts follow the process. Ask in Gear every single time. Leave NO Regrets –


To Your Massive Success,

Mike Stromsoe

PS  After speaking to a group of agents, it was crystal clear again. I am continually perplexed about one thing time after time-AGENTS DON’T ASK!!!

Watch this quick video for one idea to change this bad habit in your agency – JUST ASK!!!

Hope this helps, hope you are willing to non-conform, hope you take action. Good luck!


The Mirror of Truth

Being Unstoppable, Making a Difference, Leaving NO Regrets


All we want is your success. I am asked all of the time why I spend so much time helping other people. It’s easy. There is NOTHING better than helping other people who want to be helped. It’s definitely a top 3 rush in my life. It all started and became very clear with the “airport story”. I was visiting an agent who “got it”. They had the fire in their belly, no fear, an implementer and more. During our two day, on-site consultation at their office, we laid the foundational tracks to change their agency to support the life of their dreams. A written plan with deep, detailed explanation of exactly what needed to be done. The on-site consultation was Off-the-Charts! Pulled into the car rental return facility after the two day on a Friday night. The two young gals working the kiosk hit me with a question that changed my life – “What bar did you come from?” As much as I like a good libation, I had not come from a bar. I asked “why do you ask?” They said “We can tell you are on TOP of the world!” They were right; I WAS on Top of the World. There is NOTHING better than helping someone who wants to be helped.

The results we are after? All we want is your success.

I just got done reviewing a new application for our exclusive coaching program for successful insurance agents. We have decided to approve this new application (not all are approved, remember, All we want is your success). The new member of our UPP family says he wants to become our biggest success story! Like that. I thought it would be helpful to share with you a few bullet points from our special application. I challenge you to take the bullets below and answer these questions as they apply to your own life, personally and professionally:

  1. 1. What Matters Most?
  2. 2. Making a Difference: How would lives be changed if your business were more successful?
  3. 3. Creating Your Legacy: How do you want to be remembered by________? There are many options to fill in this blank.
  4. 4. Living Life Completely – Can You and Do You?
  5. 5. Using Business to Support Your Life? Do You?
  6. 6. Acknowledge Your Fears and Strengths – List Them, ALL of Them
  7. 7. The Mirror of Truth – Look at this very closely. Like what you see? If you don’t, who kicks your ass and helps you?
  8. 8. Share in detail your written plan for success over time – 1,3,5 years and beyond
  9. 9. How much do you want to work?
  10. 10. How much money do you want to make in the next 12 months?
  11. 11. How much vacation time will you take in the coming year?


Honestly, these are just a few of the questions. Massive and complete success takes absolute 100% commitment to accomplish your goal(s). Remember, we get what we give – give 66%, you’ll get 66%. It’s not rocket science; it’s been this way since the beginning of time.

One other observation from the marketplace of business owners who are trying to lead the pack and are not having the success they desire – conformity.  People acting like everyone else…without knowing why or where they are going. Know who you are, who you want to do business with and where you are going.

One last thought before we part this month: give the above 11 questions to each of your team members during your team meeting this week. Make sure you share with them why these are critical to each activity they execute every day. Remember, they have a J.O.B because that’s what they want. If they wanted to own their own agency, they certainly wouldn’t be putting up with your crap. People are silently waiting to be lead – LEAD THEM!

Be Unstoppable, Make a Difference, Leave NO Regrets!!

Singles, Not Home Runs

With baseball season in full swing, this is the perfect time for us to discuss “singles, not home runs. I love, absolutely adore, helping people FULLY understand this concept.  After all, isn’t the final score really all that matters? Let’s tap our cleats with the end with the fat part of  the bat, step out of the batter’s box, take a deep breath, stare down our marketplace and get ready to take our best swings.

Who doesn’t want to score BIG and go home? What entrepreneur doesn’t feel that next great idea will be THE big idea that will turn the tables and create truckloads of cash that will provide mega freedom and financial security?  Maybe yes, maybe no. As marketers, we test. Secret tip, based on my own painful experience: home runs are few and far between. While you are swinging for the fence, don’t forget to hit lot of singles too. Singles might be other autopilot marketing programs that go on day after day, week after week, month after month and so on. Emails, voice broadcasts, phone calls, newsletters, direct mail pieces of all types, social media, videos, text messages and more. Last check, we have 27 different marketing activities going on every month. Remember, the singles when multiplied add up to runs and thou who has the most runs at the end of the game……wins!

What about you? Are you constantly rounding the base paths, making it home and scoring enough runs? If not, where should you start? Let’s make this real easy. There are 9 innings in a game, right? Get out a sheet of paper and write down the TOP 9 things that ARE working in your agency to drive new revenue, time after time, without question. Make sure that you consistently and continually do these 9 things, day after day, month after month as long as they remain profitable. Stop doing everything else. More results will come from your successes by simply performing the 9 successful programs that ARE producing results in your business.

Here’s why. This piece is being written on the heels of a successful trip, having spent two days with prosperous agents. One of the entrepreneurs, however, had a slight dilemma with a new partner in their business. She was being challenged with her mindset. We were on location and had the opportunity for immediate action. I made one suggestion and it made all of the difference. I STRONGLY encourage you to write this one down. This new partner said, after her successful appointment which culminated with her running into the room with a check in hand, “I am going to write these words on the inside of my forearm so I never forget them. They made ALL of the difference:


The newest success story went on to share how she was able to go on the appointment, have the needed discussion with her prospect, do the deal, get paid and, most importantly, learn life changing lessons. She shared that after she heard the suggestion the day before; she began to only think about how the appointment was going to be a success. WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT.

While continuing to do your math, while listening to your marketplace, while tweaking your message, while shifting your media packages (note the MMM’s-market, message, media), think about doubles, triples and home runs. Watch for the opportunities. They will surface, IF you focus on them ALL OF THE TIME.

In the last 12 years or so, our living agency laboratory has hit mostly singles. Those singles have added up to well over ultimate million dollar annual revenue, 5643 paying policyholders in our herd and thousands of prospects.

Singles, not home runs. And don’t forget, many base runners turn singles into doubles, just be paying attention to what is going on around them

Please……go implement, execute and take action NOW!

PS If you can’t create a list of 9 things, immediately get a hold of Andrea or I……we need to chat.

Call 800-770-9984 or email us at [email protected] today!

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