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UPP Success Stories

” I had some serious difficulties I was facing in my agency. After visiting Mike and actually walking through his agency office, seeing how efficient his office is, visiting with all of his staff members, I solved 120 days’ worth of problems in less than 30 minutes. You are a savior! “

Jesse Parenti
Stratton Insurance Agency
San Carlos, CA

” Wow, I have been an agent for 18 years & never attended such as positive, fun, and jam packed meeting. If I implement a small percentage of the tips presented my investment in the training will pay huge dividends. Mike presented a system for “everything”! “

Greg Huffman
Greg Huffman Insurance
Norman, OK

“The Mastermind meetings help to give me the clarity and focus I need to be able to take my business to the next level. Being an entrepreneur and leader of an organization can be hard lonely work, but I know Mike and my other Platinum coaching members have my back and know what I’m going through. We will do whatever it takes to help our other members succeed.
The structure of the UPP Platinum coaching programs ensures that I have the support, guidance and tools I need to accomplish my personal and professional goals. I have been able to do more, faster than I would have ever dreamed possible. Using the proven formula of People, Processes and Promotion I have built a foundation of success for my team and our clients. ”

Bill Butler
Butler & Associates Insurance Agency
Apple Valley, MN

”Be Unstoppable Bootcamp has become a ‘spring training’ for me as an agency owner. It kicks off by business planning for the next year. I get to spend 2 1/2 days learning from the best and interacting with agency owners who are open, like minded and willing to share.”

Ed Cooper
Performance Insurance Group
Pasadena, MD

““Believe it when Mike says, just do something! We implemented our first formalized Referral program. I’m happy to report that year from 3/1 – 12/15 we had 342 recorded referrals. We paid approximately $12,000. The Agency profit increased by 30%.
None of the numbers above will equal to the morality gained. The environment of the office, the spirit of the team, the gratitude letters we’ve received are more than any financial gain. At least in my opinion! Don’t get me wrong, we sure enjoy that gain too!”

Patty Lares
AA Lares Insurance
Orange, CA

”Mike has it all laid out, and the nice thing is is there is a forum that you can call other people that have tried it they’ve done it, and it’s proven. They can say what works and what doesn’t work, and I think that has been just really beneficial but he is sincere. He really really wants us to be successful, and you don’t find that every day. I have been doing this for so many years, 27 years, and I really hadn’t invested in myself. It took my spouse to say look what’s here. I’ve learned so much in coaching. It really has rejuvenated my kindred spirit. Be Unstoppable!”

Todd Marazita
John Scott Insurance
Dowagiac, MI

”Mike Stromsoe provides you the tools to become Unstoppable, personally and professionally. All anyone needs to do is follow Mike’s advice and implement!”

Joe Theismann
Legendary NFL World Champion Quarterback
NFL Football TV Commentator

“I have been in a few different mastermind groups over my almost 30 years in this industry. NONE compare to Mike Stromsoe’s Platinum. This most recent mastermind meeting was the BEST yet. Every single member had huge breakthroughs at this meeting. Mikes leadership brought this out in all of us. In addition Mike’s teachable moments have brought me to a whole new outlook for the future for myself and for my agency. Because of this I plan on being a member of this group for many years to come. Thanks UPP and continue to push us.”

Russ Castle
Castle Insurance
Redwood City, CA

”This is the real life, living, breathing laboratory for insurance agencies. Everything taught is through real life “wins and lessons”( there are no losses). Better than any marketing group I have ever been a part of!!”

Tom Larsen
Larsen Insurance
Williamsville, NY

Mike is one of the most passionate individuals that I have ever met. I have attended many seminars, in many National Insurance Associations. I have attended many motivational sessions and Mike’s Unstoppable Bootcamp is simply outstanding! His bootcamp is a must – tailor to help you think and act in a different and unique way to take your business to the next level. Mike is all about Passion, Performance, and Perfection!”

Bob Klinger
Klinger Insurance Group
Germantown, MD

”I want to say thank you for all you have invested in the UPP program. It has made a huge difference in my Agency. We are going to hit a goal this year that I set for us 7 years ago. The UPP program has made all the difference. Thank you!”

Erin Neill
Principal Agent/Agency Owner
Hanby Insurance

“I have participated for the last 8 years. We doubled our business in the first 3 years and now I don’t have to work at the agency. I can truly do what I want without worries. I implemented as instructed and it works.”

Ramon Altamirano
WestBind Insurance Agency
Sacramento, CA

”Just wanted to give you a shout out Mike Stromsoe!! You amaze me! Thank you for taking the time to invest in me! Your referral program rocks!! Thank you for your willingness to share! ”

Cynthia Lane
Lewis A. Clark Insurance Agency
Newark, Ohio

“Having a mentor who has been there, done that, is extremely valuable! Many “experts” haven’t sat in our chairs. The constant motivation by example and ideas is of incredible value to me as I grow my agency to better serve my clients, staff, community and most importantly, my family!”

Linda M. Fisher
Cardinal Insurance Group
Traverse City, MI

”BeUnstoppable Bootcamp and Mike has once again had a tremendous impact on my life and the future of my agency. Mike Stromsoe truly cares about the success of all of us here and I will never be the same person, father, husband, + leader again.”

Andrew Kadera
Allco Fullerton Insurance
Fullerton, CA

“Thank you for helping me find my strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly my inner gift that I’ve never realized it was inside me. Thank you for your generosity and passion in helping people. You’ve inspired me to always “pay it forward”

Glenn Agoncillo
HMBD Insurance
Long Beach, CA

”Mike Stromsoe’s system is constantly evolving and the best I’ve found. Unstoppable Profit Producers is so much more that just one strategy. Every little idea is a creek flowing into a river thyat transforms you and your agency into the powerhouse that was unimaginable before you started the program. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

Kori DeLeon
RTI Insurance
Seal Beach, CA

“If you are ready to take your business and life to higher levels of success, then read this brilliant book by my friend Mike Stromsoe. Every agent needs this book and to be coached by Mike!”

James Malinchak
Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show "Secret Millionaire"
Author, Millionaire Success Secrets

They say “social proof” is the most powerful way for any brand or business to build trust.And “authenticity trumps polish”. I cannot say enough great things about this man.Mike was one of the very first mentors I had when it came to running an insurance agency.When I was first starting out in this business, Mike was someone that helped me, gave me advice and believed in me…He runs a multimillion dollar agency and helped me when I barely had enough to keep an operating account open at the bank. I wouldnt be half the insurance agent I am today if it wasnt for Mike. Here is the best thing about Mike…he is real.In a noisy world of scammers and frauds, Mike actually cares about people.He looks you in your eye, remembers your name, and even though he is busy will even remember conversations from years ago.I appreciate this dude. If you need help building an agency, I highly recommend Mike as a mentor.”

Nicholas Ayers
Thrive Insurance
Gilbert, AZ

“ So grateful for Mike Stromsoe mentorship! Impacted my business and my life in so many positive ways”

Vytas Skapcevicius
Goodwill Financial Insurance
Elmhurst , IL

“Hi folks. Let me tell you something about Mike Stromsoe. The man is fantastic. He is the original unstoppable profit producer. I have probably learned more from Mike in the last seven years, to apply to my own businesses, my own insurance businesses that you know truthfully, I don’t know where I would have learned elsewhere. If you’re not using his services, if you’re not listening to his advice, if you’re not taking any input that he can give you… then you are absolutely losing a ton of money. The best thing that you can do for yourself, the best thing you can do for your business, is get a hold of Mike. Go to and make it happen for yourself.”

Orlando Frasca
Rogers Insurance
Danville, CA

”Mike Stromsoe is a giver( from the heart) and he does not hold anything back. He pours the out a lot of good ideas and wisdom that he has used in his own agency and he does not withhold any secrets. There are more useful ideas they we can implement. He encourages us to make a list and implement execute and take action!”

Jim Porter
Porter Branden Burg Agency
Dallas, TX

”Mike Stromsoe is a master motivator, but he’s also among the best I’ve ever met in connection with people and a keeping his staff motivated and focused. This was a great event and I would recommend it to any Insurance Agency owner!”

Steve Gannon
Gannon Insurance Agency
Bensalem, PA

“This was the most energetic and information packed event that I have ever been to. It was well worth the time and investment. The messages delivered will not only be business changing, but LIFE CHANGING for me”

Jerry Nicklow
Huff Insurance
Pasadena, MD

”I flew across the country to attend this event. It was so worth the time and effort to make the event and Mike Stromsoe far exceeded my expectations!! Mike is the real deal and has the true heart of a teacher.”

Todd Officer
FTC Insurance Group
Franklin, TN

“WOW!!! What I have learned from Mike Stromsoe will mean hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more! I have no doubt that Mike’s teaching can help anyone in the same way if they implement! Thank you Mike”

Dennis Zubler
Hornafius Insurance Agency, Inc
Elizabethtown, PA

”I love our UPP Platinum group and the overall benefits of all of the programs, including the guidance, understanding, teaching and accountability to each other. The personal growth benefits both the agency and myself by your unsurpassed willingness to help others. We are not in this alone. Better together.”

Connie Bauman
Grace First Insurance
Fountain Valley, CA

“Thank you Mike for creating the Unstoppable teaching and coaching programs. You are instrumental in changing the lives of ordinary mind sets into extraordinary mind sets. You continuously come thru day in and day out to make a positive transformation for us all. Because you say you would…… you do! 😊 You are the “#1 UNSTOPPABLE PROFIT PRODUCER “Your leadership is contagious! Grateful to be with you.”

Tony Castillo
Castillo & Associates Insurance
Tucson, AZ

“I would say that if you want to challenge yourself and become the best producer you can be, that if you don’t attend to one of these, you’re out of your mind. You’re out of your mind. I mean, for the amount that I invested in this, for the return that I’m gonna get. Warren Buffett would make this investment all day long.”

Mike McDonough
McDonough Insurance Services
San Juan Capistrano, CA