Core Values


We value continuous improvement and personal development, fostering a culture of growth and learning. 


We strive to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of people, empowering them to create lasting and transformative changes in their personal and professional endeavors.


We approach our work with enthusiasm, dedication, and a genuine love for what we do, inspiring others to always achieve their best.


Cultivating a culture of appreciation and thankfulness, acknowledging the value of relationships, opportunities, and achievements with humility and grace. 


Upholding unwavering honesty, ethics, and authenticity in all interactions and decision-making, building trust, and ensuring the utmost respect for peoples' confidentiality and best interests.

Our Mission

We are committed to impacting the lives of Independent Insurance Agency principals and entrepreneurs through delivering an extraordinary customer experience and providing innovative solutions to grow your business, create wealth and give you more freedom to live life on your own terms!

Meet Our Team

Mike Stromsoe

America's Leading Business Coach for Insurance Agencies

Beyond Experience…

Mike Stromsoe is widely recognized as a leading author, speaker and coach for the insurance industry. As an independent agent for over 35+ years, and insurance agency principal for 23 years, representing some of the nation’s largest insurance companies, he has written thousands of insurance policies. A prolific author, Mike has written and published dozens of articles, special reports and 5 books.

Mike started his current agency from scratch, which grew from 0 to $1M in revenue in less than 9 years and continued to experience exponential growth year after year.

Mike’s knowledge of his subject is thorough, his expression is passionate. As a speaker, his delivery style is captivating; he never fails to share insider secrets and helpful ideas that his audience can instantly implement.

Mike Stromsoe’s work has been praised and experienced by Consumers, agents and organizations nationwide. Below are a few of note:


June 2018 Feature Article


Honored as Rough Notes Agency of the Month for April 2016


Honored as Rough Notes Agency of the Month for April 2016

Mike Stromsoe has spoken to hundreds of audiences across North America over the years, bringing incredible value to attendees and organizations with his innovative strategies and tools. Some of the most popular topics include relationship building, hiring systems, team motivation, business operations, goal setting, sales systems, referral programs, client nurturing, niche marketing and overall marketing.

Featured Interviews

Mike has been a featured guest with Jack Canfield, Forbes Riley (The “Queen of Selling”, Host and Executive Producer at “Forbes Living.”, TV and Fitness Guru, Creator of the Spin Gym®, former Actress), Kevin Harrington (the Original Shark from NBC’s hit TV show Shark Tank and the inventor of the infomercial), Joe Theismann (NFL Super Bowl Champion), ESPN Radio, Onward Nation, Access to Experts and many more…

Jack Canfield with Special Guest Mike Stromsoe

Forbes Riley & Kevin Harrington Interviews Mike Stromsoe

Joe Theismann Interviews Mike Stromsoe

Kevin Harrington Interviews Mike Stromsoe

The insurance industry affects nearly everyone in our society. Hardly anyone likes insurance… let alone, wants it and enjoy’s paying for it. Yet everyone needs the protection it affords. Mike Stromsoe’s unique ability to address such a volatile subject, helping consumers understand and agents deliver protection while growing their businesses makes him a much sought-after speaker and guest teaching leader.