Mike Stromsoe


Mike is married to his bride Cindy of 28 years, a dad to 6 kids and a grandpa of 13 grandkids, Mike is a lover of life with a passionate desire to impact and help others. Having served as the dedicated leader of the Stromsoe Insurance Agency team, Mike pours his 35+ years as an independent insurance agent into impacting independent insurance agents, personally and professionally. A speaker and author of six books, Mike truly believes that his top core value must be built into every transaction – “Do Unto Others”. Mike loves his large family, traveling to places that we’ve never been before with Cindy, road bicycling and serving communities everywhere.


Mike is the creator of the Unstoppable Profit Producer program. Known as “The Unstoppable Profit Producer”, Mike continues to change the lives of entrepreneurs and help them create revolutionary results. Mike is touted as America’s Leading Trainer and Authority on agency business success and continues to show thousands of others, just like you, how to implement his Proven 3 Step Blueprint, a unique philosophy called the “Three P’s”–People, Processes and Promotion in their business. Developed over 35+ years of research, Mike’s thinking and guidance provides entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools that they can quickly implement in their companies to help them grow, create wealth and give them more freedom. Mike and his team continue to refine and bring to market ONLY the tools that work.


  • Grew up in Fremont, CA
  • Fluent in the Spanish language
  • Passionate chef with a specialization in Mexican food
  • Has ridden 200 miles on his bicycle in the same day multiple times
  • Started working in business at age 12 under the threat of being fired if he did not work harder than anybody else
  • Loves to dance but has absolutely no rhythm according to his friends
  • Mike’s family originally bought land in Fallbrook, CA in 1944
  • Life changing moment in business was in a business growth seminar and I decided at that moment it was okay to listen to people who know more than I did and it was ok to run with it. I became an implementer of knowledge. I’ve never looked back since and life has never been better