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What Coaching Will Do For You & Your Agency

America’s Leading Coaching Program For Insurance Agencies

What if you had a simple Proven 3 step blueprint, that would grow your insurance business, create financial security and give you all the freedom you wanted – Guaranteed?

Well you can!

Over the past 31+ years of research in my own agency business, I have created a blueprint called the 3 P’s. It’s so easy!

Step 1 Is Your People

Imagine if you had only top-notch people on your team? And if you had the tools to consistently motivate them, make them accountable, so they made YOU more money?

Step 2 Is Your Processes

What would your life be like if you could leave on a 2 week vacation to Spain and not have to worry about your agency? If You have the right processes in place, you can! Your agency will literally run itself.

Step 3 Is Your Promotions

What if you had all of the tools you needed to create a marketing program that ran like a well-oiled machine? A complete ‘done for you’ Welcome Kit. A Referral Program that Explodes your profits and gives back to your community. A Nurture program that continually touched your clients and prospects, so that you are always “top of mind’. How great would it feel if your clients and your community couldn’t stop talking about how amazing your agency is and your clients referred all their friends and family to you?

Mike Stromsoe's Private Coaching & Mastermind Programs

The Benefits & Bonuses You Will Receive:
Private Exclusive UPP Membership Website
(Value $50,000)
Members' ONLY Trainings
(Value $1,495)
Training Library - Recorded Calls and Webinars
(Value $2,997)
Members' ONLY Discussion Group/Website Forum/Facebook Group
(Value $997)

(2 Free)

(2 Free)
One-on-One 30-Minute Pre-Scheduled Coaching Calls w/ Mike
(Value $6,000)



Six (6) Emergency Calls with Mike
(Value $3,000)
Six (6) Private Platinum Members' ONLY Call
(Value $1,000)
Private 2-Day Mastermind with Mike & Fellow Platinum Members
(Value $40,000)


Private, LIVE, One-on-One Full Day Coaching Session with Mike
(Value $15,000)

Monthly Investment: $1,500
One-Time Annual Investment and SAVE: $18,000

Download PDF UPP All Program Level Comparison Chart

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