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Increase Your New Business And Retention Through Next-Gen Protection

We recently had the incredible opportunity to connect with Lee Duncan of Alliance Group on the Unstoppable Profit Producer Podcast (episode 135). Lee shared his first-hand experience when it comes to being hit with financial devastation. This has inspired Lee’s passion for Living Benefits and how we can ensure...

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Motivate Your Team And Have Some Fun!

Life can be hard. It can throw some defeating blows. It’s said that “the difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them.” And I know that the amazing people that we’ve hired in our agency – the ultra achievers in this world – tend to...

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Referral Program That Churns 8:1 ROI First Year

The Key To Your Million Dollar Agency? Excellent people working within world-class processes and systems – then simply promote the heck out of it! One of the best places to start is with a referral program. In a previous post, we talked about the Acre of Diamonds and how...

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Employment Agreements And Your Offer

Let's dive back into the first P, our favorite P, we affectionately call the People. You've got to have excellent people on your team working within world-class processes and systems and then you just simply promote the heck out of it! People, and the best (not best available) people,...

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Crystallize Your Compensation

  MAKE A MILLION TUESDAY EPISODE 6: CRYSTALLIZE YOUR COMPENSATION The number one challenge the Independent Insurance Agency owners I talk to are having? People. Finding them, keeping them, and getting them to absolutely love working for you. And a great team is the first “P” for a reason...

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Welcome Kit Series To Onboard Your New Customers

We’re gonna dive back into the third P which is Promotions the fun and the sexy one that everybody wants to start with! Strategy reminder, don’t skip the first and second P, but when we get over to the third P and the Promotions one of the other strategies...

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