Where Are Your Clients Coming From

Mike Stromsoe here, bringing you to the next episode of the Money Making Strategy Series!

Running an independent insurance agency can be simple… Get Clients & Keep Clients, but it requires the right mindset and systems. Today, we’re diving into one critical aspect: getting new clients. Many agents come to me for one-on-one coaching, and a common question I ask is about their production log. Often, the answer is vague or nonexistent, which is a missed opportunity for growth.

Your numbers don’t lie. They tell you exactly what’s happening in your business. Knowing your numbers means you can make informed decisions about where to invest your resources. Our custom production log captures essential details: date, customer info, policy type, and, most importantly, the real reason clients switched. This helps us craft targeted marketing messages that truly resonate.

Don’t just track data; use it to drive your business forward. Knowing where your business is coming from allows you to double down on the most effective sources.

Ready to transform your agency? Watch this episode and learn how to implement a system that keeps your business growing.

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Podcast: http://unstoppableprofitpodcast.com/

Coaching: http://unstoppableprofitproducer.com/

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