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The Mirror of Truth

Being Unstoppable, Making a Difference, Leaving NO Regrets


All we want is your success. I am asked all of the time why I spend so much time helping other people. It’s easy. There is NOTHING better than helping other people who want to be helped. It’s definitely a top 3 rush in my life. It all started and became very clear with the “airport story”. I was visiting an agent who “got it”. They had the fire in their belly, no fear, an implementer and more. During our two day, on-site consultation at their office, we laid the foundational tracks to change their agency to support the life of their dreams. A written plan with deep, detailed explanation of exactly what needed to be done. The on-site consultation was Off-the-Charts! Pulled into the car rental return facility after the two day on a Friday night. The two young gals working the kiosk hit me with a question that changed my life – “What bar did you come from?” As much as I like a good libation, I had not come from a bar. I asked “why do you ask?” They said “We can tell you are on TOP of the world!” They were right; I WAS on Top of the World. There is NOTHING better than helping someone who wants to be helped.

The results we are after? All we want is your success.

I just got done reviewing a new application for our exclusive coaching program for successful insurance agents. We have decided to approve this new application (not all are approved, remember, All we want is your success). The new member of our UPP family says he wants to become our biggest success story! Like that. I thought it would be helpful to share with you a few bullet points from our special application. I challenge you to take the bullets below and answer these questions as they apply to your own life, personally and professionally:

  1. 1. What Matters Most?
  2. 2. Making a Difference: How would lives be changed if your business were more successful?
  3. 3. Creating Your Legacy: How do you want to be remembered by________? There are many options to fill in this blank.
  4. 4. Living Life Completely – Can You and Do You?
  5. 5. Using Business to Support Your Life? Do You?
  6. 6. Acknowledge Your Fears and Strengths – List Them, ALL of Them
  7. 7. The Mirror of Truth – Look at this very closely. Like what you see? If you don’t, who kicks your ass and helps you?
  8. 8. Share in detail your written plan for success over time – 1,3,5 years and beyond
  9. 9. How much do you want to work?
  10. 10. How much money do you want to make in the next 12 months?
  11. 11. How much vacation time will you take in the coming year?


Honestly, these are just a few of the questions. Massive and complete success takes absolute 100% commitment to accomplish your goal(s). Remember, we get what we give – give 66%, you’ll get 66%. It’s not rocket science; it’s been this way since the beginning of time.

One other observation from the marketplace of business owners who are trying to lead the pack and are not having the success they desire – conformity.  People acting like everyone else…without knowing why or where they are going. Know who you are, who you want to do business with and where you are going.

One last thought before we part this month: give the above 11 questions to each of your team members during your team meeting this week. Make sure you share with them why these are critical to each activity they execute every day. Remember, they have a J.O.B because that’s what they want. If they wanted to own their own agency, they certainly wouldn’t be putting up with your crap. People are silently waiting to be lead – LEAD THEM!

Be Unstoppable, Make a Difference, Leave NO Regrets!!

About Accomplishments

Why do you think some people are willing to do things others are not? What gives some the inner game to go to the next level? What motivated and propels Lance Armstrong to stand up on a hill at the opportune moment and blow away the other cyclists?

There is a lot still unknown. Still, I feel very strongly that taking action will bring about opportunity for growth, one way or another. Lessons, if considered properly, will result in growth.

This week accomplishment is on my mind. More importantly, the accomplishment of others, like you. Recorded this on the hills recently, hope you enjoy.

It’s about: Ac·com·plish·ment

Pronunciation: ə-ˈkäm-plish-mənt, -ˈkəm-Function: noun Date: 15th century

1 : the act of accomplishing : completion
2 : something that has been accomplished : achievement
3 a : a quality or ability equipping one for society b : a special skill or ability acquired by training or practice

Here’s a quick video >>>> About accomplishment

The furthest bicycle ride in one day so far – 104 miles. Saturday, the accomplishment of 200 miles in one day will become reality.

What is holding you back in your business or life ? Call me to help you change the future of your agency and your family – 800-770-9984.

Helping you implement, execute and take action,


Mike Stromsoe, Creator of the
Unstoppable Profit Producer Coaching
Program for Insurance Agents

PS Make a difference, Be Unstoppable, Leave No Regrets

Coaching Client Israel Valdivinos Shares What He is Taking Home From His Agency Visit to Our Living Labratory

The ONLY reason Isreal will not experience massive success is if he does not IMPLEMENT. Isreal, great job and just implement, execute and take action.

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California Agent Doubles, Almost Triples His Agency!

Russ Castle shares a few words about how our relationship has helped his family, his business, his life.

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The Insurance Agency Lifestyle – Do you Dream About It or Scream About It? Do you struggle with choices between family or finances, work or fun?

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