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Check Out This Book Review

Up the Loyalty Ladder 

By: Murray and Neil Raphel 

This is one of the most uplifting business books that I have read as it relates to customer satisfaction, mining your own acre of diamonds, and just generally instilling a mind set within your business for these things. Here are a few things I learned while reading it…It is far, far easier to sell more to a customer you already have than to sell a new customer.  Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.  Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.  Genius will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.  Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.  Check it out on Amazon, you won’t be sorry!

6 thoughts on “Check Out This Book Review

  1. Mike

    On the subject of books….

    Have you read Troy Korsgaden’s book Power Position Your Agency?
    What do you think of his Agency Contact manager position? Basically a telemarketer in the agency to set up client reviews and try and reel in prospects for insurance quotes.

    Due to geographic issues I don’t know if we could pull a big % of our clients into the office but at least we could do reviews over the phone. I like this approach so that each clients file get a thorough review not just mailing out a generic questionnaire. We have started this approach and frankly I’m shocked at some of the mistakes we have sitting out there that could have been real boo-boos if we didn’t catch them.

    Do you think this is a good means for obtaining new clients? Seems the key is someone who doesn’t mind calling cold prospects or previously contacted prospects and can take a no.

    I would be interested in your thoughts…..

  2. Hey Gary,

    No I have not read Troy’s book…yet. Thanks for the recommendation. We do the majority of our reviews via phone due to lack of time people have to come into the office, lack of people returning forms and the fact they just get done when we do them via phone. We took encounter coverage matters, I am just glad to find before it’s too late.

    I think youi idea is great, if it works, why not? Keep testing. Might send completed copy of review to client with hand-written thank you note, referral flier etc.

    Yes I think it’s a good way to obtain clients….shoukld certainly driver referrals, especially if you Just ASK for them at the appropraite timne during the review, like at the end when you script says “I am so glad we had a chance to make sure we have the rigth protection at the right price. We will both sleep better at night. BTW, we like everyone to sleep better at night. If you know anyone else who could use this type of review, we would sure apprecaiet sharing our contact info with them. Our referral program this year is tremendous and the best part is our community charities nebenfit too”…. STOP TALKING, Let the clinet talk as long as they want……

  3. Just read (and re-read) a great book that I wanted to pass along.

    Its called The Compound Effect. Written by Darren Hardy the publisher of success magazine. BTW, if you are not already receiving the magazine so to and check it out.

    The whole idea behind the Compound Effect is small seemingly insignificant steps completed consistently over time will create a radical difference. It can go both ways too. Poor habits over time can yield dangerous long term issues.

    My challenge will be to identify the small steps I can implement (or eliminate) that will over time have a profound effect on both my business and personal life. After discussing this with my wife last night we have committed to logging every since expense or item we buy for a week. It really hit home when my wife made the comment that she doesn’t even know where our money goes. That’s Darren’s point…habits can be so small they don’t come up on your radar so you don’t even notice them. Over time they can have tremendous or devastating effects. Darren has helped many people make significant changes such as financial improvement, health and lifestyle changes and career changes through these steps.

    I highly recommend the book! Like I said I received it on Thursday and have already read it 2x. The second time I highlight the points I find especially important.
    Find out more at

  4. Mike

    I have another book that I can recommend….
    The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. (you guys must think all I do is read).
    I learned about Chet from the audio Cd that comes with my monthly Success magazine. I was very impressed he has doubled and tripled sales wherever he goes.
    His big proposition is educational selling. Educate the customer on something that is of interest (and is important to him/her) and you will be seen as the expert. WOW. Wouldnt it be great to be seen as something other than just an insurance agent? Wouldnt that set us apart from the lizard and other online and direct qwriting companies?

    The interesting part is what information can we develop that would be of interest to our insureds weither its a commercial or personal lines prospect? There are many examples of Chet helping various induistries develop information and reports that are of interest to his prospects (and its not insurance techno bable).

    Thats what Im going to start working on. What kind of information would a personal lines propect find of interest? How about the full circle of propetection…..not just insurance but wills, using contractors, care rentals, etc For commercial prospects in our Landscape Contractor niche how about “The 5 Reasons Why Landscape Contractors Fail”.

    Maybe this is a good topic for us to brainstorm?

    Plus the book has lots of other ideas……using workshops with staff for training purposes, hiring and managing the superstars, having effective meetings, etc.

    I highly recommend the book.

    1. Thanks Gary. Leaders are readers. Don’t ever stop. But the kep to making further progres is implementing. I encourage you to take some of these ideas and test them. I look forward to hearing about your results.

      Make a difference, Be Unstoppable!

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