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Social Media Tips for Independent Agents

Social Media Tips for Independent Agents

Social media is essential for every business in the modern age, but if you did not grow up with it, as Millennials did, it can be a bit confusing–especially for independent agencies. 

For most independent agents, social media is a time wasting hobby at best and a thing at which they scoff at worst. What may have started as the latest fad with the young whipper-snappers has now transformed into a social and entrepreneurial necessity. Social media is classified as something that all independent agents have to do. If you don’t even know where to start, here are a few social media tips which should help you get started on the right foot.

  1. Start Small
    When it comes to implementing your social media marketing strategy, you have to set reasonable expectations. If you get about 50 customers in your business per week, it’s unreasonable to expect 500 new followers. If your marketing team is dependable, you should see a slow and steady increase which will meet your goals.
  2. Act Quickly
    If there is urgent news regarding your industry, jump on as quickly as possible. Share relevant and factual news regarding the change and how it will affect your customers. Remember that hundreds and potentially thousands of people will see what you post, so it’s best to avoid so-called “alternative facts.”
  3. Third-Party Content Can Help
    One of the biggest obstacles that stand in people’s way of posting is not knowing what to post. Third-party content can help with your posts! Just be sure to source your material.
  4. Plan Ahead
    When it comes to social media, customers and followers like to see regularly scheduled posts. Creating an email campaign is also a great way to reach out to clients.

Social media is something that is no longer optional for anyone.  Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your insurance agency business.

Why You Should Always Pursue Growth

Why You Should Always Pursue Growth

Beyond the promise of huge profitable gains, there is another reason why you should always pursue growth. 

Personal growth is something that seeds success in every other facet in your life. We have seen a life that is committed to personal growth plants the seeds to provide results beyond what’s on the surface. Personal growth is an exciting aspect to talk about and observe, but it is great when people take this to heart and develop personal growth as a habit. That’s the “how to” of personal growth, but before you dive into the how, you must first understand the “why” of it all. Here are a few reasons as to why you should always pursue personal growth.

The Growth Mindset Seeds Hope

Growth in the natural world is all about moving forward. It’s a basic principle of the universe: entropy moves forward, a sapling becomes a mighty oak tree, and all of us grew from babies. When we have hope, we have the ability to imagine a better future. Plant the seed of hope by believing that growth is possible and commit to pursuing it.

The Growth Habit Strengthens Hope

We need to acknowledge that hope is a gradual process and expecting otherwise will only lead to failure. When you practice the discipline of growing a little bit each day, you reinforce and strengthen the hope inside of you.

Growth Over Time Realizes Hope

Growth helps us act our way into hope. As we make small steps of growth and take a look at the overall large picture, we see progress. If you string enough days of consistent growth, you begin to change as a person.


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Are Good Reviews and Business Growth Correlated?

Are Good Reviews and Business Growth Correlated?

Online reviews can not only hurt your business, but they can also force you to never see the light day again. Learn how your business can be affected by online reviews.

We are in the digital age, and that means that an online presence for your business is all but mandatory. In order to establish legitimacy in the eyes of consumers, you need a website with product and location information, social media, an e-commerce arm, and more. The good news is that all of these are well within your reach to create them.

A tougher dilemma that many business owners face is that of online reviews from Yelp and TripAdvisor, and the effect it has on their business. Is investing time and money into these websites to cultivate an online presence really necessary?

If there’s only one thing you’re going to get after reading this article, it should be this: Consumers love online reviews.

Why? Because consumers do not want to waste their time or money on companies that others deem “poor.” And many small- to mid-sized businesses lack the brand recognition like Target or Wal-Mart, and so good reviews can make all the difference.

People that read positive reviews gain more confidence about your brand, and are more likely to visit your office if they believe they will have a good and positive experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way that people can best find your business without having to enter your specific name in your area. It makes you stand out in Google or Yahoo’s eyes and brings your business to the top–with time.

It only takes one bad review to make consumers ignore the 20 or 30 good ones, make sure that your business always leaves a smile on people’s faces.

Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

Make the Most of Facebook’s New Company Page Layout

Make the Most of Facebook's New Company Page Layout

Facebook’s company pages are on the move. Are you keeping up?

Social media is constantly changing. We’re not just talking about the latest hot trends, either. The platforms themselves regularly shift. That might mean new algorithms, like the one Facebook is implementing to keep fake news off your feed. It might also mean changing layouts, as we saw with the recent update to the layout of business pages.

Is your company keeping up with the latest updates? Don’t let your Facebook page fall behind! Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the newest Facebook layout for company pages.

  1. Remember, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Plus, in 2017, no one’s going to read a thousand words, let alone a few hundred. The visuals on your page are your chance to grab the attention of prospects and clients, so think carefully about them.
  2. Brush up on your stats. Why keep doing something that doesn’t work? Look at the statistics on your Facebook posts. If your videos are getting lots of comments but your new articles go unliked, post more videos.
  3. What’s in a name? Social media users are notorious for getting lazy with their shorthand. You don’t have to – and shouldn’t – keep up on the latest abbreviations and acronyms with your Facebook name. Google and other web search platforms want to link your Facebook and your business page to give you more authority and a higher ranking. If your Facebook page’s name doesn’t match your actual business name, you’re losing some of the search engine benefits that come with keeping a Facebook presence!

Is your business making the most of free digital tools like Facebook? If you want to learn more about how social media can help your business grow, we can help! Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

Marketing Ideas for More Referrals

Marketing Ideas for More Referrals

Referrals are one of the main ways you will get new business, but do you know how to get them?

There are a few agents out there who dislike asking for referrals because they are afraid of bothering their clients or fear they are asking for “too much.” While that mentality may be in the right place, it is outright wrong. When you make it easy and risk-free for clients to refer people to your agency, you are actually doing them a favor. But there is an art to this, otherwise, the conversation turns from good to awkward. Here are a few marketing ideas for more referrals.

  1. Referral Reward Program

Your company can institute a referral program that benefits them. People love to help themselves, so offering discounts for referrals is a great way for your clients to offer more and more people for your business.

  1. Referral Cards

Make some cards for your clients to pass out to those who require your service. Add in a spot that says, “Referred by ________.” That way, you will know by whom that person was referred.

  1. Remove the Risk

One reason that people are hesitant to recommend people is because they are afraid of looking bad if you do a bad job. After all, they are putting their reputation on the line. If your agency is rude or treats them badly, they will look bad and stupid for recommending you. Ensure your clients on how you treat new referrals: you won’t hound them for hours and won’t call during obtrusive hours.

Referrals are the best way for you to find new business, so it’s important that you know how to do it. Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

Insurance Sales Tips for New Insurance Agents

Insurance Sales Tips for New Insurance Agents

Selling insurance may be among the hardest things to sell, but it’s something you can become good at with time and practice.

Selling insurance is different from selling just about everything else. Insurance will be one of the most expensive things that people purchase, but it’s not tangible, which makes it hard to sell. People can’t hold it, touch it, see it, or even smell it for that matter. You are selling an idea. Trust, and promises.

Selling insurance comes at a huge challenge that most insurance salespeople quit within the first two years. It’s disheartening and that’s why we have written this article. If you are just starting out as an insurance salesperson, make sure that you stick with it and read this article, too!

  1. Dress Professionally

As a salesperson, you already dress professionally. But when you are the sharpest looking person in the office, your coworkers and boss will take you more seriously, but most importantly, you will take yourself more seriously.

  1. Avoid Millennial Vernacular

While you and your friends may be on top of the newest slang, your older clients will surely not be. Use professional language in order to be taken seriously. While every customer is different, you will learn to read customers with more time and experience.

  1. Ask About Their Kids

Old folks love to talk about their kids. You’ll prime their brain to release dopamine, a chemical responsible for feeling good, and they will be more likely to buy from you because of this positive association they have. It may sound like psychological manipulation, but all the best in the business knows this trick–it’s best you learn to use it while you’re young.

Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

18,000 Insurance Leads Go Unsold!

missing leads

With as many as 18,000 online insurance leads unsold per year, you could be missing out on some major business and sales. 

Yes, that number is correct: 18,000 online insurance leads go unsold every single year. Consumers who have embraced social media and technology are choosing “convenience” over “familiar.” It seems like they are choosing the easiest and most convenient solution online rather than taking the time to drive to some insurance agent. The world moves on and if you don’t adapt–you die. Many new consumers are finding that when they knock on the online door, no one is there to answer and they leave.

If the average revenue per lead is $1,000 and there are 18,000 unsold . . . that means there are $18,000,000 of revenue that goes out the window! The number one complaint that everyone hears from insurance agents is that they need leads, so, then, where is the disconnect?

Again, it goes back to being fluent and savvy in the online world. A qualified agent of the 21st century  is not only savvy, but comfortable in providing many different quotes from many companies and providing them to the client all through the internet. The goal is to provide near-instantaneous information and guidance, even if you can’t really provide a solution.

Online leads are generally time-deprived individuals who need information as quickly as possible. Failure to do so, will only see them going to the next insurance company (your competitor) and possibly purchasing a policy through them. They want specific information and they expect your employees to be able to help them with these issues. Those employees who are most comfortable navigating the online world have a tremendous advantage over those who do not.

Is your company ready for the online world and the Millennial consumer?

Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

What People Are Saying: Insurance Leads

October’s Tips to Grow Your Agency

Across the nation, many insurance agents are looking for leads to land them the most business, but what is the industry saying about insurance leads?

Many insurance agents are now looking for what have been termed “leads” and gives them the opportunity to connect with someone who wants or needs the kind of insurance they sell. But just like everything else in the insurance world, the business of “leads” is still in transition. The process, definition, and expectations have changed dramatically. If you are in the insurance market for leads, it’s important to know what your colleagues are saying before you go out into the world.

Previously, leads were generated by telemarketers who would call people and ask to see if they are interested in receiving a quote for insurance. The offer is typically, “better insurance for a lower price.”

Let’s skip a few decades to 2016, and technology has vastly changed the game. A tech team casts a digital net over the internet to determine who is interested in insurance. They’re called cyber-leads. This approach has a different model and a completely different path in converting the potential client.

These consumers are light on time so it’s up to you to give them as much information as possible as quickly as possible. If you can match their “show me fast, deep knowledge, simpler process” attitude, you will likely land their business.

Technology demonstrations should be done over the computer via virtual meeting because the consumer of today does not like to drive to meetings, but do not like talking to robots or automated machines, so it’s important that a human being be on the other side of the call.

Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

How to Use a 21st Century SWOT Analysis

How to Use a 21st Century SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis can help your business determine your strengths and weaknesses to help it grow. 

It’s important to recognize where your business stands in brand effectiveness. It’s essential for continuing growth of your company, and to know what’s working for you, your team, and your business. What are you doing to enhance your brand and what are you doing that is reducing it? A SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat) analysis works as a frame to understand all of these factors which affect your business. Learn how you can use a 21st century SWOT analysis to help your business eliminate the things that are impacting it negatively and have it grow.

STRENGTH: How can you move your brand forward and onto the next level? If you are consistently making your brand known by coming up with more advanced techniques, you will always be ahead of your competitors because their brand will become obsolete as well. By recognizing your business’s strengths, you can find ways to maximize opportunities that have already been presented.

WEAKNESS: Look at your business objectively. This is the only way you can identify the cracks in your business and is the first step in repairing these cracks. Ask yourself, “What actions can I take to minimize these weaknesses?”

OPPORTUNITY: A little effort here can go a long way. Threats will usually make up more of your time than capitalizing on opportunities. This is why you need a schedule to help you designate specific times to make these opportunities a reality.

THREAT: This is the area that needs your immediate attention. A threat can open and destroy a crack overnight. Reacting slowly will put you back faster than a blink of an eye. Always keep track of outside competitors and opportunities that are being presented to them as well.

Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

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