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Insurance Sales Tips for New Insurance Agents

Insurance Sales Tips for New Insurance Agents

Selling insurance may be among the hardest things to sell, but it’s something you can become good at with time and practice.

Selling insurance is different from selling just about everything else. Insurance will be one of the most expensive things that people purchase, but it’s not tangible, which makes it hard to sell. People can’t hold it, touch it, see it, or even smell it for that matter. You are selling an idea. Trust, and promises.

Selling insurance comes at a huge challenge that most insurance salespeople quit within the first two years. It’s disheartening and that’s why we have written this article. If you are just starting out as an insurance salesperson, make sure that you stick with it and read this article, too!

  1. Dress Professionally

As a salesperson, you already dress professionally. But when you are the sharpest looking person in the office, your coworkers and boss will take you more seriously, but most importantly, you will take yourself more seriously.

  1. Avoid Millennial Vernacular

While you and your friends may be on top of the newest slang, your older clients will surely not be. Use professional language in order to be taken seriously. While every customer is different, you will learn to read customers with more time and experience.

  1. Ask About Their Kids

Old folks love to talk about their kids. You’ll prime their brain to release dopamine, a chemical responsible for feeling good, and they will be more likely to buy from you because of this positive association they have. It may sound like psychological manipulation, but all the best in the business knows this trick–it’s best you learn to use it while you’re young.

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