What People Are Saying: Insurance Leads

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Across the nation, many insurance agents are looking for leads to land them the most business, but what is the industry saying about insurance leads?

Many insurance agents are now looking for what have been termed “leads” and gives them the opportunity to connect with someone who wants or needs the kind of insurance they sell. But just like everything else in the insurance world, the business of “leads” is still in transition. The process, definition, and expectations have changed dramatically. If you are in the insurance market for leads, it’s important to know what your colleagues are saying before you go out into the world.

Previously, leads were generated by telemarketers who would call people and ask to see if they are interested in receiving a quote for insurance. The offer is typically, “better insurance for a lower price.”

Let’s skip a few decades to 2016, and technology has vastly changed the game. A tech team casts a digital net over the internet to determine who is interested in insurance. They’re called cyber-leads. This approach has a different model and a completely different path in converting the potential client.

These consumers are light on time so it’s up to you to give them as much information as possible as quickly as possible. If you can match their “show me fast, deep knowledge, simpler process” attitude, you will likely land their business.

Technology demonstrations should be done over the computer via virtual meeting because the consumer of today does not like to drive to meetings, but do not like talking to robots or automated machines, so it’s important that a human being be on the other side of the call.

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