18,000 Insurance Leads Go Unsold!

missing leads

With as many as 18,000 online insurance leads unsold per year, you could be missing out on some major business and sales. 

Yes, that number is correct: 18,000 online insurance leads go unsold every single year. Consumers who have embraced social media and technology are choosing “convenience” over “familiar.” It seems like they are choosing the easiest and most convenient solution online rather than taking the time to drive to some insurance agent. The world moves on and if you don’t adapt–you die. Many new consumers are finding that when they knock on the online door, no one is there to answer and they leave.

If the average revenue per lead is $1,000 and there are 18,000 unsold . . . that means there are $18,000,000 of revenue that goes out the window! The number one complaint that everyone hears from insurance agents is that they need leads, so, then, where is the disconnect?

Again, it goes back to being fluent and savvy in the online world. A qualified agent of the 21st century  is not only savvy, but comfortable in providing many different quotes from many companies and providing them to the client all through the internet. The goal is to provide near-instantaneous information and guidance, even if you can’t really provide a solution.

Online leads are generally time-deprived individuals who need information as quickly as possible. Failure to do so, will only see them going to the next insurance company (your competitor) and possibly purchasing a policy through them. They want specific information and they expect your employees to be able to help them with these issues. Those employees who are most comfortable navigating the online world have a tremendous advantage over those who do not.

Is your company ready for the online world and the Millennial consumer?

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