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Singles, Not Home Runs

With baseball season in full swing, this is the perfect time for us to discuss “singles, not home runs. I love, absolutely adore, helping people FULLY understand this concept.  After all, isn’t the final score really all that matters? Let’s tap our cleats with the end with the fat part of  the bat, step out of the batter’s box, take a deep breath, stare down our marketplace and get ready to take our best swings.

Who doesn’t want to score BIG and go home? What entrepreneur doesn’t feel that next great idea will be THE big idea that will turn the tables and create truckloads of cash that will provide mega freedom and financial security?  Maybe yes, maybe no. As marketers, we test. Secret tip, based on my own painful experience: home runs are few and far between. While you are swinging for the fence, don’t forget to hit lot of singles too. Singles might be other autopilot marketing programs that go on day after day, week after week, month after month and so on. Emails, voice broadcasts, phone calls, newsletters, direct mail pieces of all types, social media, videos, text messages and more. Last check, we have 27 different marketing activities going on every month. Remember, the singles when multiplied add up to runs and thou who has the most runs at the end of the game……wins!

What about you? Are you constantly rounding the base paths, making it home and scoring enough runs? If not, where should you start? Let’s make this real easy. There are 9 innings in a game, right? Get out a sheet of paper and write down the TOP 9 things that ARE working in your agency to drive new revenue, time after time, without question. Make sure that you consistently and continually do these 9 things, day after day, month after month as long as they remain profitable. Stop doing everything else. More results will come from your successes by simply performing the 9 successful programs that ARE producing results in your business.

Here’s why. This piece is being written on the heels of a successful trip, having spent two days with prosperous agents. One of the entrepreneurs, however, had a slight dilemma with a new partner in their business. She was being challenged with her mindset. We were on location and had the opportunity for immediate action. I made one suggestion and it made all of the difference. I STRONGLY encourage you to write this one down. This new partner said, after her successful appointment which culminated with her running into the room with a check in hand, “I am going to write these words on the inside of my forearm so I never forget them. They made ALL of the difference:


The newest success story went on to share how she was able to go on the appointment, have the needed discussion with her prospect, do the deal, get paid and, most importantly, learn life changing lessons. She shared that after she heard the suggestion the day before; she began to only think about how the appointment was going to be a success. WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT.

While continuing to do your math, while listening to your marketplace, while tweaking your message, while shifting your media packages (note the MMM’s-market, message, media), think about doubles, triples and home runs. Watch for the opportunities. They will surface, IF you focus on them ALL OF THE TIME.

In the last 12 years or so, our living agency laboratory has hit mostly singles. Those singles have added up to well over ultimate million dollar annual revenue, 5643 paying policyholders in our herd and thousands of prospects.

Singles, not home runs. And don’t forget, many base runners turn singles into doubles, just be paying attention to what is going on around them

Please……go implement, execute and take action NOW!

PS If you can’t create a list of 9 things, immediately get a hold of Andrea or I……we need to chat.

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Niches to Riches…

Niche marketing can be a lot of different things… It could be that you are a restaurant insurance agency, a work comp insurance agency, etc…

What you’re nicheing in doesn’t really matter, but the fact that you are doing mostly the same thing, or have large segments of business in a particular niche, not only gives you more authority with your underwriters in your companies, it puts you in a position of leadership and authority within the industry to jump from one carrier to another.

In addition to that think of how this affects your agency team.  When they are dealing with the same type of mentality day in and day out, time after time, they tend to keep talking the same talk, walking the same walk.  It becomes much less likely they will make a mistake.  In the same breath, their confidence in their voice to the marketplace becomes that much greater, because they know what they are talking about.

And don’t lose sight of this, it’s absolutely true, I’ve verified time and time and time again: these people talk to each other.  If you go to seminars or conventions on an annual basis, your marketplace is ALL there, they’re all talking to each other, and they’re all trying to pick each other’s brains on who’s the best at what, including insurance. I’ve done trade shows for years in particular niche markets.

When you’re the go-to person, you’re the one they’re talking about, and you’re the only one that they’re talking about, and all of a sudden, as Michael Gladwell, the author, so aptly put it in his book The Tipping Point, “Pretty soon, the paradigm has shifted in your favor.”  You become the one, you become the ONLY ONE, and all of a sudden that entire marketplace wants to do business with nobody else but YOU.

Now let me warn you, this does not happen overnight, it takes a lot of persistence.

You must know the marketplaceWhat keeps them up at night?

Good luck, make a difference and be unstoppable!

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Finally, He Was Listening…

I was having a conversation recently with one of our kids who works at a school, we were discussing their marketing program. Note that the school is a private school, so they’re responsible for bringing in new students into the school.

He was talking about one of the recent marketing programs that they tried that was not real successful, and after asking a couple of questions, I quickly determined that they were trying to send the wrong message to their target market, and it caused me to think that I need to make sure that everyone has a crystal clear understanding of the “Three Ms”.

The first M stands for Marketplace – Who is your market place? What do they think about? What are they looking for? What might be the pain in that particular marketplace you can satisfy? What wakes them up in a cold sweat at 3:01a.m.? Until you know the answers to these questions, you can’t send a message to that market place nor can you create a media to send that message. So, the answer to the first M is to know everything that needs to be known about your marketplace.

The second M stands for Message –  Again, what message are you going to be sending to your particular marketplace? Will that message satisfy and solve a current pain that they might have? What’s going on in the marketplace? Are things changing constantly? Is your message going to answer that question that silently playing in their mind consistently? When you come up with the right message to match your market place, you’re well on your way to maximum ROI.

The third M stands for Media –  Okay, so you’ve identified your marketplace, you’ve learned about what’s going on in that particular marketplace, you’ve created the perfect message that is going to match the pain in your marketplace. So what media are you going use to deliver your message? A postcard, a letter, a priority mail package, a silver platter? What will be the attention getting device that will get your message read? And more importantly, what will cause them to ACT?

It’s not easy…. but nothing good in life is.

And that’s not all – More Intimate Details That Will Answer Every Question Above The 3 M’s
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Stay Tuned –  71 More Insider Secrets To Be Revealed….. until then, Make a Difference, Be Unstoppable, and Leave No Regrets.

Is Your Retention Rate Where You Want It?

Coaching clients, other agents and, frankly, business owner clients ask why we invest so much time in “keeping in touch” with our prospects and clients?

Here’s a short video with ALL of the answers:


Happy Implementing,
Mike Stromsoe, Creator of the
Unstoppable Profit Producer Coaching
Program for Insurance Agents

PS Here’s another TRUE story that just went into our most recent agency/client newsletter, WOW!!!   A new client actually wanted to know if her insurance was costing her MORE because of the level of service she received –

We Say “Welcome To Our Family” for Many Reasons

We are so fortunate that so many people, families and businesses continue to place their trust in our Total Protection team! As many of you have experienced, we send out a multiple piece “Welcome Kit” to show our deep gratitude. Here’s a true comment from a recent new client: “Your service and now the welcome kit is truly appreciated, it’s so obvious your care about your clients. That’s a big reason I chose your agency, but is this “extra service” (welcome kit) and everything costing me more money?” Great question – the answer is NO. Our agency earns money from the commissions paid to us by the insurance company partners we represent. We charge no additional fees of any type. It is solely our choice to reinvest some of our revenue in the most important segment of our business – our customers!! This is why we say “you are the reason we have a business and you are appreciated” Thanks for asking!

Coaching Client Israel Valdivinos Shares What He is Taking Home From His Agency Visit to Our Living Labratory

The ONLY reason Isreal will not experience massive success is if he does not IMPLEMENT. Isreal, great job and just implement, execute and take action.

If you are having trouble viewing this video – Click Here.

The Conversation Already Going On In Their Minds

A previous blog discussed the three M’s of marketing- Marketplace, Message and Media. Today’s insight brings to you a message that will help you put yourself in a position where you can penetrate your marketplace because you will be messaging to the conversation that is already going on in their mind.

Successful marketing penetration demands an extensive understanding of the heart and of the mind of your marketplace. There really is no effective short cut to enter the conversation already going on in their minds. Yet, most people when they create a marketing program, rush through this step or they skip it all together. If you find out information on just a few subjects, it would give you a solid foundation for crafting a message that would get your marketplace to respond quickly and vigorously.

Here are a few samples to get you started:

1. What keeps them up at night, what causes them to wake up at 3:00 in the morning in a cold sweat? What do they worry about?

 2. Who are they mad at, what makes them angry? Is it their competition?

 3. What threatens their life and their well being, what do they fear?

 4. What do they wish they had more of? (greed)

 5. What do they dream of or what are the excited about, what do they hope for?

6. Who markets anything to this group and how do they do it?

7. What do they read, what kind of material do they look at, what kind of literature do they study?

 8. What do they know about your product? What don’t they know about your product? Try asking this of your marketplace sometime.

 9. If you could wave a magic wand for them, what do they want you to do? This helps you prepare your message to them.

 10. What’s unique about their language, can you walk the walk, talk the talk, of your marketplace?

 11. Do you by chance have any affinity in this group?

 12. Who are the VIPs in this group; this could be an entree to marketing to this group?

Find a key player in this particular marketplace and spend an hour or more with them, take them out to lunch, take them out to breakfast, setup a phone call, dig in to learn what is going on to the minds of your marketplace, it’ll give you a great start to crafting the message that will cause your marketplace to massively act and put more freedom in your bank account.

Good luck.

PS Make a difference, Be Unstoppable, Leave No Regrets

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