Finally, He Was Listening…

I was having a conversation recently with one of our kids who works at a school, we were discussing their marketing program. Note that the school is a private school, so they’re responsible for bringing in new students into the school.

He was talking about one of the recent marketing programs that they tried that was not real successful, and after asking a couple of questions, I quickly determined that they were trying to send the wrong message to their target market, and it caused me to think that I need to make sure that everyone has a crystal clear understanding of the “Three Ms”.

The first M stands for Marketplace – Who is your market place? What do they think about? What are they looking for? What might be the pain in that particular marketplace you can satisfy? What wakes them up in a cold sweat at 3:01a.m.? Until you know the answers to these questions, you can’t send a message to that market place nor can you create a media to send that message. So, the answer to the first M is to know everything that needs to be known about your marketplace.

The second M stands for Message –  Again, what message are you going to be sending to your particular marketplace? Will that message satisfy and solve a current pain that they might have? What’s going on in the marketplace? Are things changing constantly? Is your message going to answer that question that silently playing in their mind consistently? When you come up with the right message to match your market place, you’re well on your way to maximum ROI.

The third M stands for Media –  Okay, so you’ve identified your marketplace, you’ve learned about what’s going on in that particular marketplace, you’ve created the perfect message that is going to match the pain in your marketplace. So what media are you going use to deliver your message? A postcard, a letter, a priority mail package, a silver platter? What will be the attention getting device that will get your message read? And more importantly, what will cause them to ACT?

It’s not easy…. but nothing good in life is.

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