Are You ON It or IN It?

Happy Friday!

What a mountain of opportunity we have in front of us today…. and every day! It is our absolute hope that you are taking advantage of each window that opens before you.

Which leads to this thought process – When do you work ON your business? Do you set a weekly goal with a minimum number of hours that you will commit to work ON your agency business? And when you work ON your agency business, are physically in the office? Do you include “key team members” ? Does your planning always contribute to your overall agency goals?

We call this time working ON our business “Chunka-Time”. Chunks of time planning your success.

Our challenge to you today is to set a weekly goal with a minimum of ONE hour to work ON your business. Not IN it.

Good luck!!!

Not sure what to focus on first? We can help. We have a list of 69 PROVEN Bullets from our own “living agency laboratory” ready to you to implement. Never look back again, call us today – 800.770.9984

Make a difference, Be Unstoppable, Leave No Regrets

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