Is Your Retention Rate Where You Want It?

Coaching clients, other agents and, frankly, business owner clients ask why we invest so much time in “keeping in touch” with our prospects and clients?

Here’s a short video with ALL of the answers:


Happy Implementing,
Mike Stromsoe, Creator of the
Unstoppable Profit Producer Coaching
Program for Insurance Agents

PS Here’s another TRUE story that just went into our most recent agency/client newsletter, WOW!!!   A new client actually wanted to know if her insurance was costing her MORE because of the level of service she received –

We Say “Welcome To Our Family” for Many Reasons

We are so fortunate that so many people, families and businesses continue to place their trust in our Total Protection team! As many of you have experienced, we send out a multiple piece “Welcome Kit” to show our deep gratitude. Here’s a true comment from a recent new client: “Your service and now the welcome kit is truly appreciated, it’s so obvious your care about your clients. That’s a big reason I chose your agency, but is this “extra service” (welcome kit) and everything costing me more money?” Great question – the answer is NO. Our agency earns money from the commissions paid to us by the insurance company partners we represent. We charge no additional fees of any type. It is solely our choice to reinvest some of our revenue in the most important segment of our business – our customers!! This is why we say “you are the reason we have a business and you are appreciated” Thanks for asking!

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