Do NOT Conform!!! And Get Your ASK in Gear!!!

Conformity- is that YOU? Many years ago, I heard a message about conforming to what everyone else in society does. Like so many other HUGE lessons in life, it came from outside of our industry. And just like so many more HUGE lessons, it happened because of our children. On a side note in the event you did not know, my wife and I raised (at least we gave it our very best shot) six kids. The lesson on conformity that opened my eyes and ultimately became ingrained into my being was at a youth event that I attended with some of our kids where former Oakland Raiders quarterback Jay Schroeder was speaking. Part of Jay’s message was about conforming to the rest of society. Jay went on to say that if you want to be like everyone else, then do what everyone else is doing. BUT if we want to achieve a higher level, in any facet of life, you must NOT conform. You must do things differently that the rest. One must be their own person, be themselves, and develop their own personality. Personally or Professionally, there is only one you. Make that you unique and share all of it with the world to “make a difference”.

So I ask you…..Are you falling prey to conforming and operating like every other agency out there? If that’s the case, then I am sorry to hear that you may be experiencing tougher times right now. Many agents we talk with are looking for some type of “magic pill”. THERE IS NO SUCH MEDICINE. They feel they can simply copy exactly what another is doing and it will instantly work in their marketplace. This is rarely true. What is accurate is adapting real world, proven thought processes and converting them to one’s own personality and marketplace is where genuine winners begin. Another piece of brutally honest truth is that hard work and sacrifice will be part of the process. Also on the list will be experiencing failure. Yes, there will be setbacks that will cause you to dig deep and find out who you really are and what you are made of. If you had time to digest my recent blog post, it’s called “The Mirror of Truth”.  I challenge you NOT to conform – ever. As part of your effort to create the agency that supports the life of your dreams, start with your next marketing campaign, operational upgrade or scripting effort.

Since we are talking about scripting, NOW is the perfect opportunity to make your team, your agency, every word that is uttered from their lips part of the “Unstoppable Non-Conforming Solution”. Don’t forget, you are the entrepreneurial leader of your organization and every word uttered from your lips will be the example your team follows.

BUT, if you are one of the non-conformist leaders who only subscribes to profitable and efficient operations-CONGRATULATIONS! Replicate what you are doing – FAST.

A critical part of implementing your new “Unstoppable Non-Conforming Solution” must be getting your Ask in Gear. Every call, every meeting, every conversation is a SALES opportunity. This is why you must be scripted ALL of the time. Make sure you continually educate your team on the importance of having their Ask in Gear every time. Make sure your scripts follow the process. Ask in Gear every single time. Leave NO Regrets –


To Your Massive Success,

Mike Stromsoe

PS  After speaking to a group of agents, it was crystal clear again. I am continually perplexed about one thing time after time-AGENTS DON’T ASK!!!

Watch this quick video for one idea to change this bad habit in your agency – JUST ASK!!!

Hope this helps, hope you are willing to non-conform, hope you take action. Good luck!


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