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Niche Marketing: Your Road to Potential Clients

Marketing to a specific group of individuals is a powerful way to make the most of your ability to reach potential clients. Niche marketing is the term that describes a specific form of reaching your target audience by focusing on your goals.

Identify Your Audience

The only way to make the most of your marketing strategy is by identifying the audience you want to reach. If your company sells products for children, then your target audience is that group of young people and their parents. On the other hand, if you want to sell a product that is designed to help older men and women get around, then your target audience is a much older crowd or medical professionals.

Focus on Your Niche

After identifying your target audience and narrowing down the details, you are then ready to actually start marketing. Focus your strategies around the group you are targeting. For example, young adults might be easier to reach through online marketing while older adults might appreciate personalized notes in the mail.

Reaching out to a specific market will help you obtain your business goals. To learn more about the marketing strategy, check out Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program.

Who is YOUR “Ideal” Client, Any Clue?

You work your tail off to create marketing in your agency that is effective and profitable…..Are you focusing on one particular type of client(niche) or are you spreading your marketing out to the masses – doing everything that every other agent is doing – hoping to catch anyone that comes along?

What if I told you that you CAN attract nothing but “ ideal clients” to your business?  

These are the clients whose personalities match your agency team. They are often the most profitable and least painful of all our clients.

But how exactly does your agency attract this magical arena of superstar clients? It starts by defining what makes up your unique ideal client profile.  Take a few minutes and answer the questions below:

  • –> What problems can I solve through my products and services?
  • –> What changes, or results, can I help create?
  • –> Who has these problems?
  • –> Who wants these results?
  • –> What kinds of clients do you do your best work with?
  • –> What sorts of clients leave you feeling frustrated?

Once you have discovered what you want, TAKE ACTION!  Put yourself in front of your ideal prospects/clients, join their social media groups, comment on their posts, visit their monthly meetings, engage with them – find out what their PAIN is.  But remember, you are NOT there to sell… you want to listen (great marketplace research opportunity), gain visibility and build relationships.

As part of our exclusive game changing plan in the Unstoppable Profit Producer Program™, we walk our coaching clients through an activity to identify who their personal ideal client is.  If you are interested in one more tool to help you, simply email us at [email protected] and Andrea will be happy to send you a copy!

To your massive success,

Mike Stromsoe, Creator of the
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Affinity Marketing – It’s a Natural Fit for You

Niches to riches…..if this sounds good to you, then read on!

Affinity marketing is kind of a sub-segment of a niche marketing program, but it can make your niche marketing campaign and your entire agency machine more powerful than ever.

Read my own story below, it’s an example of how your “affinity” can positively affect a niche marketing campaign:

“I started working in my dad’s restaurant when I was 12.  He hired me with one condition. He made me agree that I would work harder than anyone else or I would be fired. I agreed. I started making pizzas. I’d stand next to the girls and they’d show me what to do. They would say, “Crimp the edge a little bit more here, don’t put so much pepperoni on it, and if you do this – don’t put too much sauce.”  They taught me the ins and outs.  After awhile I was making the pizza dough.  In fact, I still have the pizza dough recipe at my house, because I use it from time to time.  There was a long stretch there when I had it memorized.  It was who I was.”


“Nowadays, when I’m working in the agency business, I can walk the walk, I can talk the talk, and when I walk into a restaurant, I understand everything that’s going on in the kitchen.  I understand – to boot, I also ran a restaurant for three years as well. So I understand why the mats need to be cleaned every night.  Why they need to take the filters down and run those through the dishwasher, maybe every couple of nights, or maybe once a week is good enough.  I understand why their Ansul system needs to be up to date.  I understand the heat concerns, and the food-borne illness concerns, and what the implications are of someone getting sick off your food, and what the potential liabilities are, and how to talk to your people about serving liquor, and everything that’s involved with that, because it’s who I was and what I did for a number of years.  I was emotionally involved from the deepest part of my soul.”

By having a history deeply entrenched in an affinity market you can tip the marketplace in your favor… What is your affinity market?

Niches to Riches…

Niche marketing can be a lot of different things… It could be that you are a restaurant insurance agency, a work comp insurance agency, etc…

What you’re nicheing in doesn’t really matter, but the fact that you are doing mostly the same thing, or have large segments of business in a particular niche, not only gives you more authority with your underwriters in your companies, it puts you in a position of leadership and authority within the industry to jump from one carrier to another.

In addition to that think of how this affects your agency team.  When they are dealing with the same type of mentality day in and day out, time after time, they tend to keep talking the same talk, walking the same walk.  It becomes much less likely they will make a mistake.  In the same breath, their confidence in their voice to the marketplace becomes that much greater, because they know what they are talking about.

And don’t lose sight of this, it’s absolutely true, I’ve verified time and time and time again: these people talk to each other.  If you go to seminars or conventions on an annual basis, your marketplace is ALL there, they’re all talking to each other, and they’re all trying to pick each other’s brains on who’s the best at what, including insurance. I’ve done trade shows for years in particular niche markets.

When you’re the go-to person, you’re the one they’re talking about, and you’re the only one that they’re talking about, and all of a sudden, as Michael Gladwell, the author, so aptly put it in his book The Tipping Point, “Pretty soon, the paradigm has shifted in your favor.”  You become the one, you become the ONLY ONE, and all of a sudden that entire marketplace wants to do business with nobody else but YOU.

Now let me warn you, this does not happen overnight, it takes a lot of persistence.

You must know the marketplaceWhat keeps them up at night?

Good luck, make a difference and be unstoppable!

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Keeping Your Finger On The Pulse Of Your Niche Markets

You are a niche marketer. You know your niche inside and out… or do you? What are you doing to keep your finger on the pulse of your market? With today’s information super highway, there are many ways to understand your niche market so you can more effectively marketing and communicate with them.

What messages will elevate you to that of “known expert and welcome guest”?

Click the following link to see a snapshot of one of many weekly shots of market insider information I automatically receive:
Keeping the finger on the pulse 

What about you? How many ways do you penetrate your niche markets?

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