Affinity Marketing – It’s a Natural Fit for You

Niches to riches…..if this sounds good to you, then read on!

Affinity marketing is kind of a sub-segment of a niche marketing program, but it can make your niche marketing campaign and your entire agency machine more powerful than ever.

Read my own story below, it’s an example of how your “affinity” can positively affect a niche marketing campaign:

“I started working in my dad’s restaurant when I was 12.  He hired me with one condition. He made me agree that I would work harder than anyone else or I would be fired. I agreed. I started making pizzas. I’d stand next to the girls and they’d show me what to do. They would say, “Crimp the edge a little bit more here, don’t put so much pepperoni on it, and if you do this – don’t put too much sauce.”  They taught me the ins and outs.  After awhile I was making the pizza dough.  In fact, I still have the pizza dough recipe at my house, because I use it from time to time.  There was a long stretch there when I had it memorized.  It was who I was.”


“Nowadays, when I’m working in the agency business, I can walk the walk, I can talk the talk, and when I walk into a restaurant, I understand everything that’s going on in the kitchen.  I understand – to boot, I also ran a restaurant for three years as well. So I understand why the mats need to be cleaned every night.  Why they need to take the filters down and run those through the dishwasher, maybe every couple of nights, or maybe once a week is good enough.  I understand why their Ansul system needs to be up to date.  I understand the heat concerns, and the food-borne illness concerns, and what the implications are of someone getting sick off your food, and what the potential liabilities are, and how to talk to your people about serving liquor, and everything that’s involved with that, because it’s who I was and what I did for a number of years.  I was emotionally involved from the deepest part of my soul.”

By having a history deeply entrenched in an affinity market you can tip the marketplace in your favor… What is your affinity market?

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