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Mark your calendars and reserve your tickets – the Be Unstoppable Bootcamp is coming to San Diego, CA from November 8 to 10, 2018. This bootcamp is designed to give you everything you need to grow your business, create financial security, and enjoy more freedom!

At this event, you’re going to learn how the three P’s (People, Process, and Promotion) can help your business become unstoppable!

Here’s just a small sampling of what you can learn at the bootcamp:


Attract only top-notch, “A” Players to join your team. Plus having the tools to keep them motivated, so they will consistently EARN more clients and make you more MONEY!


Get proven systems and specific, time-tested processes quickly up and running within your agency. This “turn-key” formula will make it easy for you to produce maximum results in your agency and in your life!


Learn the secrets of instant retention boosters, unleashing 100% of your agency’s profit potential, mining your acre of diamonds, and creating rock-solid relationships!

How to Reach 100% of Your Marketplace

What’s the best way to promote and grow your agency? Is it snail mail, phone, video, text, social media, fax, or email? Learn the surprising answer — and unleash 100% of your agency’s profit potential.

The “Inside Game” of Agency Wealth

You play two games every day. One is against your competitors. The other is played in your head, against self-doubt, anxiety, and internal obstacles. When you learn the “Inside Game,” you get out of your own way — and your profits surge. It’s like taking your foot off the brake and stomping the gas pedal!

You didn’t get into this business to work 16-hour days and have so little to show for it. You started your business to grab your life by the horns and live it YOUR WAY. Buy these tickets. They’re your tickets to exponential success.

For more information, click here.

How to Watch Your Money

How to Watch Your Money

Stabilize your money by keeping one eye on it.

Business owners are quick to say that their business is there to solely serve the customers. However, they aren’t doing free labor. At the end of the day, we are all in business because we need to earn money. While we all have to earn money, it’s what we do with it after we earn it that defines our level of financial security and, ultimately, the amount of freedom we enjoy in our lives and in our businesses.

Luckily, there are ways to watch our money without becoming the number-crunching fanatics. With the use of the Internet and mobile banking, our financial picture is in our hands (literally). What’s more, there are nifty apps and services within our banking profiles that allow us to break down income, monthly expenditures, and even tips on how to save. The more often you manage your finances, the better understand you have of your business.

A deep analysis of your financials, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets means that you have undiluted insight into what your business can and can’t afford. It’s easy to watch the money come in and try to save it all, but what about strategically saving, managing the books, and even reducing outgoing costs? These tasks won’t simply do themselves. Typically, business owners should be looking at their financial system on a daily basis. As Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.’ The same can be said about managing money in business. Manage it and it will reward you!

Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can earn more clients and keep the clients you have for your insurance agency business.

Does Your Business Need State-of-the-Art Technology Tools?

Does Your Business Need State-of-the-Art Technology Tools?

Businesses should ensure that their people have every convenience that technology has to offer.

In this digital era, the latest technology has opened many doors for businesses and consumers alike. Simple technology advancement has changed many things in our lives, from purchasing products, ordering services, and managing teams of workers. Technology is that important – it can change the way a business is run, almost overnight. Now, more than ever, people want instant replies, information, and gratification. Luckily, top tech can help businesses do just this.

So, does that mean your business needs state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips? Not necessarily. The caveat to this is that your team do need reliable and up-to-date technology. If you give them an old PC with a floppy disc drive and ask them to set up a smartphone app, there is little they can do. Hardware, software, and new devices change our business, and change our consumption as clients. Therefore, businesses need to adapt to the ever-growing state of technology.

The basics of what a team should be provided with is a new, reliable laptop or computer. Multiple screens are better to keep up the rate of productivity, but not necessary to begin. Scanners and phone systems with headsets enable your team to communicate and send documents to clients quickly and effectively. Be sure to update these systems and devices every couple of years. Keeping up with new technology means you’re keeping up with today’s clients.

Give your employees every opportunity to be as efficient as possible so that they can do their job to the best of their ability. Don’t hesitate to invest in new technology. More often than note, the ROI is worthwhile! Give people the best tools to do their job, and they will be more motivated to use those tools to excel!

Get in touch with Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can take your business to the next level.

Back in the Saddle and in Hot Pursuit

After a blistering hot and uncomfortable ‘Hot Seat’ interview with our very own Program Director, Andrea Wyatt (they don’t call her Tapatio for nothing)… I’m happy to say I’m back in the saddle and in hot pursuit!

Andrea Wyatt Interview with Mike Stromsoe

This quote just came across as a reminder of something Tapatio extracted from me on the hot seat on this months Unstoppable Success Interview:

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”

                                                                                                            – Henry David Thoreau

If you missed the interview, get a pen and paper handy and watch the replay below:

So as often mentioned by the Unstoppable Julie Parenti, what have you done today that “scares the hell out of you?”

Keep being “learn it alls” and “grow it alls”

To your massive success!


Mike Stromsoe

PS Don’t forget to grab your ticket to the BeUnstoppable 2017 Bootcamp and receive your FREE VIP UPGRADE Today – or call 800-770-9984

Hurry, this offer Expires Monday, May 29, 2017 at Midnight!

Here’s What Other Agents That Have Attended Mike Stromsoe’s Bootcamp Had To Say:

“I flew across the country to attend this event. It was so worth the time and effort to make the event and Mike Stromsoe far exceeded my expectations!! Mike is the real deal and has the true heart of a teacher.”

                       Todd Officer – FTC Insurance Group – Franklin, TN

“As a new team member, the first year and a half has been a treading water feel. I leave this seminar ready to rock my client’s socks off and am excited to implement many of the tools learned within my team and be a positive influence in the office.” 10/10

     Samantha Zollman – Global First Services – Palmdale, CA

“I put off signing up until 3 weeks before the event. I thought, incorrectly that what Mike does, did not apply to my business model. I reached out to Chris Paradiso to get his opinion and he encouraged me to check it out. #Blessed that I came. I made new friends, and learned so much. Thank you Mike & team for giving and caring so much about others.” 11/10

                                  Bob Klee – Kelly Klee Private Insurance – Parker, CO

What Explains Performing Campaigns but Client Turnover?

What Explains Performing Campaigns but Client Turnover?

Your marketing campaigns may be performing extremely well yet you see customer turnover, what gives?

Customer turnover is inevitable. Perspectives and people change, and sometimes paths must diverge. But when you are delivering great results and they suddenly head for the door it can be puzzling and can often feel a bit personal. What could you be doing that all but forces your clients to break ties with you?

Client turnover essentially comes down to two things: maintaining your value to your clients and trust. And the biggest place to look to fix these aspects of life is not at your customers’ life, it is from within.

Who deals with a majority of your clients? It’s your employees. You, as an employer, may not have given your team members enough of a reason to care about your customer experience. Perhaps even worse, it was also you who did not care about your own employee experience. The two are inextricably connected. Your client experience will never be great if your teams experience is not either.

If you or your employees don’t see the value in treating customers well, your customers won’t see the value in staying with your business. If you weren’t being treated well, would you stick around or go to another business where you will be treated right?

It is up to you to fully communicate the purpose of your goals in order for them to trickle down into the experience of your clients.

In order to get to the root of the problem, you have to make sure that you have the right team and that they are properly trained. Training in empathy and compassion are the best way for your employees to understand that the person on the other line, your clients, are people with their own legitimate experience.

Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can earn more clients and keep the clients you have for your insurance agency business.

4 Tips for More Facebook Company Page Followers

4 Tips for More Facebook Company Page Followers

Use this guide to get your business more Facebook followers.

So you built a Facebook page for your business. You made sure the branding matched your other commercial materials and are proud of what you’ve created. Now you just need to get followers. How do you do that? Here are four tips to help you attract more followers and likes to your company’s Facebook page.

  • Think about your user. There’s a lot of information on the internet. Why should people choose to add you to the constant stream of information they’re being fed on their Facebook page? Thinking through that answer can help you cultivate content that will attract – and retain – followers. Maybe you give out helpful tips or you post answers to questions you commonly get. Whatever you choose to share, make sure it’s something your Facebook friends would actually want to see.
  • Think about your branding. If you went to a Facebook page and it looked junky and outdated, would you follow it? No! So why do you expect others on Facebook to act any differently? Make sure your page looks clean and professional.
  • Think about your linking. Want more followers on your page? You need to get people there first! Add a Facebook button to your website and your email signature to drive traffic to your page.
  • Think about your community. Show that you’re actively engaged in your community and like-minded people will look to you to keep them in the know. Head to local events and take pictures. Post them afterward and, if you can, tag people. Engaging with individuals and your community as a whole can help you drum up organic followers.

These tips will help you get started, and we can give you even more information about boosting your Facebook page. Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

Your Guide to a Great First Impression

Your Guide to a Great First Impression

Want to wow at your upcoming interview, presentation, or social event? These tips can help you make a fantastic first impression!

When you think of a good first impression, what comes to mind? Is it a winning smile? A strong handshake? An ironed shirt? These are all key components of impressing people upon first meeting them, but you shouldn’t stop with them. If you want to make your best first impression, keep these guidelines in mind.

  • Look for ways to be likeable. People like others when they feel that those others like them. Work on your likeability. Smile warmly and offer a friendly handshake. When people share information, express genuine interest. If you can bring that topic up again and show that you remembered what they shared, all the better!
  • Engage with your eyes. Eye contact is a powerful tool. Find the middle ground between avoiding someone’s eyes and staring at them, and you’ll seem more intelligent and trustworthy.
  • Respect the power of representation. While your outfit probably won’t be the only factor that lands you that deal or job, it can help you or hurt you. People pay attention to non-verbal cues. When you look like you’ve put thought into your attire and grooming, you look like you’re on top of other areas of your life. Don’t just stop at finding the right blazer, though. Think about how your posture and facial expressions represent you. Slouching with your arms crossed isn’t going to send very many positive signals!

A strong first impression can help you grow your business, from helping you land a big deal to helping you attract the right staff. If you’d like to learn more about how to leverage your self-presentation for professional success, contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program. We offer tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

Make the Most of Facebook’s New Company Page Layout

Make the Most of Facebook's New Company Page Layout

Facebook’s company pages are on the move. Are you keeping up?

Social media is constantly changing. We’re not just talking about the latest hot trends, either. The platforms themselves regularly shift. That might mean new algorithms, like the one Facebook is implementing to keep fake news off your feed. It might also mean changing layouts, as we saw with the recent update to the layout of business pages.

Is your company keeping up with the latest updates? Don’t let your Facebook page fall behind! Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the newest Facebook layout for company pages.

  1. Remember, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Plus, in 2017, no one’s going to read a thousand words, let alone a few hundred. The visuals on your page are your chance to grab the attention of prospects and clients, so think carefully about them.
  2. Brush up on your stats. Why keep doing something that doesn’t work? Look at the statistics on your Facebook posts. If your videos are getting lots of comments but your new articles go unliked, post more videos.
  3. What’s in a name? Social media users are notorious for getting lazy with their shorthand. You don’t have to – and shouldn’t – keep up on the latest abbreviations and acronyms with your Facebook name. Google and other web search platforms want to link your Facebook and your business page to give you more authority and a higher ranking. If your Facebook page’s name doesn’t match your actual business name, you’re losing some of the search engine benefits that come with keeping a Facebook presence!

Is your business making the most of free digital tools like Facebook? If you want to learn more about how social media can help your business grow, we can help! Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

How To: Outsell Other Insurance Agents

How To: Outsell Other Insurance Agents

Price shouldn’t be your top selling point! Use these other tips to sell the value of your policies.

New salespeople always want to know what discounts they can offer. After all, it’s a lot easier to outsell the guy next to you if you can offer the same product at a better price. The problem with that logic, though, is that someone will always come along with a better deal. How do you sell your insurance policies even when you can’t offer bargain basement pricing? Here are a few tips to help you articulate the true value of your products.

  • Show Your Difference. People tend to think of insurance as confusing and boring. If you can show that buying a policy with you takes the guesswork and hassle out of getting insured, you’ll land clients left and right! A great way to show that you’re easy to work with is to ask about your prospect’s communication preferences. Some people only want a short email, while others will want a regular, lengthy, in-person policy review. Similarly, discuss your claims handling processes. If you can show prospects you’ll make their lives easy if they need to file a claim, they’ll have a reason to choose you over your competitor – even if you cost a little more.
  • Ask Away. Oftentimes, a prospect will tell you what they’re looking for as long as you’ll listen. Ask about their last claims experience. Ask what’s important to them in a policy. Ask why they bought the item they want to insure. Their answers can help you hone in on what matters to them, so that you can show you care about it, too.
  • Lend a Hand. Show your client that although price isn’t your only selling point, you know it’s important to them. Inform prospects about discounts for which they might qualify, and how you can help them get those discounts this year.

These are just a few tips to help you thrive professionally in the new year. Would you like more advice to take your insurance agency to the next level? Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

How to Give and Receive Feedback

How to Give and Receive Feedback

Feedback is a way you can make your insurance company better, but do you know how to give and receive without becoming offended or offending, respectfully. 

Feedback can be your greatest tool or your most destructive weapon. Feedback can be difficult to receive and it can also be difficult to give. There are times when we are trying to give feedback, but it comes out too strong and there are other times when we let our insecurities make feedback that’s received sound too harsh. Here are a few tips on how you can deal with feedback.

  1. Make It a Habit
    The more you do something, then the more likely you are to keep doing that thing and become better at that thing. Feedback should be woven into your everyday interaction with your team. You might come off like a jerk at the beginning, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get!
  2. Positivity Is Key
    Weave in some positive comments along with the negative ones in order to balance your team. People will accept and even embrace your feedback when it’s done in a positive light–even the negative feedback.
  3. Live in the Moment
    If you are to give feedback, make it in the moment. It has shown to be most effective for retention because it’s specific, relevant, and more memorable.

A hammer is a great tool that can build even the highest skyscrapers, but without the right application, it can become a deadly weapon. Make sure that feedback becomes your greatest tool and not your most destructive tool. Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for tips and help on how you can generate new income for your business.

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