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What Explains Performing Campaigns but Client Turnover?

What Explains Performing Campaigns but Client Turnover?

Your marketing campaigns may be performing extremely well yet you see customer turnover, what gives?

Customer turnover is inevitable. Perspectives and people change, and sometimes paths must diverge. But when you are delivering great results and they suddenly head for the door it can be puzzling and can often feel a bit personal. What could you be doing that all but forces your clients to break ties with you?

Client turnover essentially comes down to two things: maintaining your value to your clients and trust. And the biggest place to look to fix these aspects of life is not at your customers’ life, it is from within.

Who deals with a majority of your clients? It’s your employees. You, as an employer, may not have given your team members enough of a reason to care about your customer experience. Perhaps even worse, it was also you who did not care about your own employee experience. The two are inextricably connected. Your client experience will never be great if your teams experience is not either.

If you or your employees don’t see the value in treating customers well, your customers won’t see the value in staying with your business. If you weren’t being treated well, would you stick around or go to another business where you will be treated right?

It is up to you to fully communicate the purpose of your goals in order for them to trickle down into the experience of your clients.

In order to get to the root of the problem, you have to make sure that you have the right team and that they are properly trained. Training in empathy and compassion are the best way for your employees to understand that the person on the other line, your clients, are people with their own legitimate experience.

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8 Unprofessional Work Habits to Stop Today

Keep your business habits professional.

Unprofessional habits are seen during day-to-day operations by colleagues, superiors, and even clients. While you may not realize that you have some bad habits to break, it’s worth reflecting to notice if you need a refreshed mindset.

Today, evaluate if you have any of these habits and find ways to move them out of your work routine.

  • Complaining: Even in the most perfect conditions, there are those pessimistic people who find fault in everything. While it’s fine to share feelings, excessive complaining can quickly become annoying.
  • Flirting: Knowing the boundaries is must, especially in the workplace. Flirting, especially with the aim of career advancement, will look sleazy and could even compromise your career.
  • Procrastinating: Not getting work done and interrupting others at work can appear lazy to everyone in the office.
  • Yes-Man: When working as a team, you can’t please everyone. A professional will know when to say no respectfully and suitably.
  • Lateness: A person who is continually late to work will seem to not take work seriously or respectfully.
  • Inappropriate Dress: While modern companies allow a more casual dress code, the quickest way to lose respect is to turn up in pajama-looking clothes.
  • Gossiping: Some people get satisfaction from causing arguments and conflicts with office gossip. This is not appropriate for work.

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