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What Explains Performing Campaigns but Client Turnover?

What Explains Performing Campaigns but Client Turnover?

Your marketing campaigns may be performing extremely well yet you see customer turnover, what gives?

Customer turnover is inevitable. Perspectives and people change, and sometimes paths must diverge. But when you are delivering great results and they suddenly head for the door it can be puzzling and can often feel a bit personal. What could you be doing that all but forces your clients to break ties with you?

Client turnover essentially comes down to two things: maintaining your value to your clients and trust. And the biggest place to look to fix these aspects of life is not at your customers’ life, it is from within.

Who deals with a majority of your clients? It’s your employees. You, as an employer, may not have given your team members enough of a reason to care about your customer experience. Perhaps even worse, it was also you who did not care about your own employee experience. The two are inextricably connected. Your client experience will never be great if your teams experience is not either.

If you or your employees don’t see the value in treating customers well, your customers won’t see the value in staying with your business. If you weren’t being treated well, would you stick around or go to another business where you will be treated right?

It is up to you to fully communicate the purpose of your goals in order for them to trickle down into the experience of your clients.

In order to get to the root of the problem, you have to make sure that you have the right team and that they are properly trained. Training in empathy and compassion are the best way for your employees to understand that the person on the other line, your clients, are people with their own legitimate experience.

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Engaging Your Employees

How To Really Connect With Your Team

As the leader of the business, it can be tempting to keep a “healthy” distance between yourself and your employees. Rest assured, though, that your team knows who signs their paychecks and will not get any more comfortable with you than you let them. To have the healthiest, most productive workplace, connect with your employees. Building relationships with them will make your company a great place to work! To help you break down the barriers workplace hierarchy can put up, try these suggestions.

  • Cultivate A Safe Workspace: When you have to reprimand an employee, do it gently at first. Only resort to being harsh or strict when necessary. Most people respond best to constructive criticism. Also, make sure that no supervisors or colleagues are bullying other members on your team.
  • Listen Well: Your employees are in the trenches, doing the work day in and day out. So why is it that so many leaders ignore the suggestions of their workforce? No one has insider insight into how you could optimize your business like your employees. Welcome their suggestions, and actually listen to them. Some of them could help you boost productivity and revenue!
  • Recognize Your Team: This goes so much further than just knowing everyone’s names (although that is a good start). Keep tabs on your employees not to micromanage, but to celebrate their successes. Recognizing achievements will not just make a single employee’s day; it will also boost morale all across the workplace. Cultivate a company culture that celebrates together.

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5 Tips To Encourage a Healthy Work Environment

One of the most important characteristics to maintain in your business is a healthy and happy work environment. When your workforce is happy, your company flourishes. Therefore, it is imperative that you follow these 5 tips to encourage a healthy work environment:

  1. It is important that you encourage interaction between team members. Workplace morale and productivity will increase as your team feels a sense of community.
  2. Invite your employees in your world. Share the company’s overall goals with them and encourage input and feedback.
  3. Motivate your employees by providing a career path. Knowing that there is always the opportunity to move up in a company will keep your employees on their best behavior and always working to achieve new goals.
  4. Encourage workplace physical activity. Consider hiring a yoga instructor to come to the office twice a week.
  5. Most importantly, be responsive to your team’s needs and show your appreciation for their hard work on a regular basis.

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Enhance Your Business Success–Help Your Employees Do their Very Best

If you want a productive and profitable workplace, you’ll need productive employees. Here are a few tips on bringing out the best in your employees:


There is a lot of research out there that supports the belief that employees that are trusted with freedom within the workplace are more productive and more ambitious. By giving employees freedom, you show them that you trust their character and you view them as competent. Employee retention rates are higher when employers give their employees autonomy.   

Support and Guide Them

Rather than giving step by step instructions, guide them through the processes and support them as they do this on their own. If you believe they are going to do their best, they will likely feel like they can come to you for support and help rather than being fearful.  

Let them in on the Plans

Employees who feel they are part of a team or are more involved, are more productive. Tell them what the long and short term goals for the company are. Ask for suggestions on how to get there (and actually consider or use them). If the employees understand and value the ultimate goal, they will do the work to get there. 

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