Engaging Your Employees

How To Really Connect With Your Team

As the leader of the business, it can be tempting to keep a “healthy” distance between yourself and your employees. Rest assured, though, that your team knows who signs their paychecks and will not get any more comfortable with you than you let them. To have the healthiest, most productive workplace, connect with your employees. Building relationships with them will make your company a great place to work! To help you break down the barriers workplace hierarchy can put up, try these suggestions.

  • Cultivate A Safe Workspace: When you have to reprimand an employee, do it gently at first. Only resort to being harsh or strict when necessary. Most people respond best to constructive criticism. Also, make sure that no supervisors or colleagues are bullying other members on your team.
  • Listen Well: Your employees are in the trenches, doing the work day in and day out. So why is it that so many leaders ignore the suggestions of their workforce? No one has insider insight into how you could optimize your business like your employees. Welcome their suggestions, and actually listen to them. Some of them could help you boost productivity and revenue!
  • Recognize Your Team: This goes so much further than just knowing everyone’s names (although that is a good start). Keep tabs on your employees not to micromanage, but to celebrate their successes. Recognizing achievements will not just make a single employee’s day; it will also boost morale all across the workplace. Cultivate a company culture that celebrates together.

Building relationships is just one component—albeit a very important one—of building a successful business. Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program for a premier wealth creation program that will help you work less, earn more, and enjoy life!

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