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3 Tips for Managing Customer Service

If you’ve ever been on the phone with a cable company, you know how much a lack of customer service can make you want to rip your hair right of out your head. You don’t like being treated like garbage; your customers won’t want anything different. Changing your customer service objectives can go a long way for your business. Use these 3 tips to improve your customer service and, in turn, your business!


  1. Create Customer Service Plan

Your customer’s feedback should be the backbone of your customer service plan. Once you know the customers’’ expectations of your business, you can begin to build on top of that. Make sure that your policy extends to all customers, not just your top ones.


  1. Ask, Listen, Follow Up

Repeat these three things. When a customer is communicating with you, be sure to listen to exactly what they want. Provide solutions to their requests and inquiries, and don’t forget to be polite and respectful.


  1. Your Reputation.

Whether you provide an online presence or not, you’re going to build a reputation for yourself regardless. Providing an alleyway for your customers to express their opinions you can better manage them by responding to both the good and the bad. For those negative reviews, be sure to try and address and fix the problem, so you can avoid making the same mistake in the future.


Your customers will define whether your business has the success that you were planning on it having. Customer service is crucial for your business to do well. It is time to figure out how you can start earning more, working less, and enjoying life! Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program to do just that!

Should Your Business Create A Mobile App?

The Business Benefits Of A Mobile App

In our digital age, people are seldom found without their smartphones. In fact, around half of web page visits are coming from mobile devices! That means you should either fine-tune your webpage for mobile visits or consider creating a mobile app. Here are a few ways having a mobile app for your business could offer you a boost.

  • Marketing: If you design an app that encourages its users to activate push notifications, you create another channel for you to put promotional opportunities, helpful information, and other marketing tactics at your customers’ fingertips. Simply having your icon on their phone helps you stay top-of-mind for your customers, and showing potential customers that you have a mobile app shows that your business is advancing with the modern age.
  • Networking: Not only does your mobile app create an opportunity for you to connect with your customers, it also enables your customers to connect with one another. If you offer a social networking forum within your app, you can create an entire network into which you can invite prospective customers.
  • Service: If your customer downloads your app, it means he or she is very interested in your business. With an app, you not only keep him or her interested but you also have a platform upon which you can build a relationship. Offer your customers specials and resources over your app, and you make great service only a click away.

If you would like to talk to an expert about whether or not you should create a mobile app for your business, contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program. We are here to come alongside you and your business and help you realize success in our modern era. Plus, we will offer you our premier wealth creation program that can help you work less, earn more, and enjoy life!

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