Tips to Drive Retention Rates Up

As a business owner, you strive to recruit and retain the highest quality employees to represent your company brand. Sadly, retention rates have begun to plummet in recent years. While it may seem like you have only wasted time in interviewing, hiring, and training a new employee that has a fast turnover, your company also suffers financially from high turnover rates. Compiled are some tips to help you drive retention rates back to normal:

  • Keep in mind that compensation is not as critical of a role as you may have previously thought.
  • Turn your employee value proposition mentality into job value proposition. Rather than explaining the specifics of the job description upon hiring, honestly explain the pros and cons of the position so that you can attract those who fit the job right from the get go.
  • Employees expect the opportunity to grow within a company. They are expecting career opportunities at the end of their path.
  • Many employers fail to recognize the importance of a suitable work environment. Security comes first for most employees, and then they begin to think about the level of appreciation they receive for their hard work and other factors.

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