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Business Professionals Utilizing the Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

The daily demands of life may have you feeling worn down, no matter how grateful for the busy season you may be. Sometimes, we simply need a reminder of what we are thankful for. Positive thoughts and vibes can go a long way in the business world. Many business professionals are starting to utilize the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal. This journal allows you to reflect on all the positives in life, so that you can remain forever thankful. Gathered are some helpful tips to get you started making a gratitude journal:

  • Start by picking out a journal that you will want to see every morning when you wake up and every evening when you return home. We recommend that you choose one that best suits your personality. If you love animals, get a journal covered in your favorite animal! If you love seeing the sunset, pick a journal with a nice landscape shot of a beach sunset.
  • Once you have picked out the perfect journal, it is time to start listing what you are thankful for. You will want to form some sort of routine for this. Perhaps, on the first of the month, you list one thing that you are thankful for, and on the second of the month, list two things that you are thankful for. Allow the pattern to continue throughout the month.
  • Many individuals like to include things that they are thankful for that many people take for granted. These items may include a warm home to come home to or a loving spouse.
  • You must also reflect on why you are grateful for yourself. You are the main focus of your being and you deserve to be appreciated.
  • Most importantly, keep your gratitude journal updated and do not become lazy and skip days. Daily gratitude will help you find success for the rest of your life.

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10 Helpful Tips in Creating a Network

Networking is one of the most vital techniques a business owner can take advantage of. Often, someone you know is the perfect person for a job. Rather than making the common mistake of transforming your networking techniques into sales pitches, try making networks from your existing contacts. Gathered are 10 helpful tips to guide you in creating a network:

  1. If you are going to network with existing contacts, you must come off as professional and strong. All new introductions should be initiated with a firm handshake and direct eye contact. When you come off as sincerely eager, others will want to work with you and keep you as a contact.
  2. Many business owners fail to utilize the benefits of listening. Listening to a client will allow you to best see what their interests are and what really bothers them. Listen for any clues that may benefit your business endeavors in the long run.
  3. In the business world, you must be able to successfully continue conversations with open-ended questions. The questions you ask in a conversation will determine how much an individual opens up to you. Your interest in their line of work and opinion will allow you to better develop rapport.
  4. Whether it is family interests or sport hobbies that you both have in common, find that common ground and stand on it. If you both have children who play soccer, build rapport on that.
  5. Business owners like to have conversations with people who have a vested interest in their organization. Doing your research can pay off in the long run.
  6. When you help your clients build their business, they are likely to return the favor.
  7. If you are able to connect one of your network connections with someone else in your network, do so. Being a resourceful person is something many individuals look for in a trustworthy partner.
  8. Creating a network is not your only responsibility. It is equally important to maintain your network and associate yourself with people that best represent your network.
  9. Always honestly present yourself. Nobody wants to work with someone who changes their persona to meet the interests of each unique client. Always stay true to yourself.
  10. Most importantly, always follow up with connections in your network and continue building relationships.

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Facebook Newsfeed Updates

As social media continues to be a major aspect of the business world, we must think about how it’s changes and updates will affect our lives. Business owners around the world are utilizing the many benefits social media provides, but many are unaware of how to reach larger audiences. Facebook proves to be the most beneficial social media platform for businesses to utilize, as long as they do it right. Facebook has recently announced some major changes that you will start noticing on your Facebook newsfeed, including:

  • Are you one of the many Facebook users who has realized that the majority of publisher posts you see lead to an unappetizing article or post? Click-baiting is a popular technique many publishers take advantage of. Click-baiting involves enticing audiences to click their post by posting a captivating picture followed by a one-sentence caption that reels you in. Since these posts provide little to no actual information relevant to the reason why the user clicked through, they receive the most views, but the least time browsed. Facebook is making an effort to see which of these click-baiting posts simply receive a page view, and which receive likes, comments, etc.
  • Are you one who prefers to click a website link in the appropriate format or a website found within a hyperlink? Facebook is starting to notice that most users prefer sharing links that are obvious, rather than ones that are embedded within the post. For some unknown reason, the link format is most preferred for many Facebook users. This may be because they can determine the source of the article, allowing them to best determine if the source is reliable or not from the get go.

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