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The Top Online Tools For Small Businesses

These Resources Can Help You Maximize Efficiency This Year

As a small business owner, you likely constantly feel you have too much work and not enough time. Fortunately, technology is increasingly becoming useful for small business owners, and there are a handful of online tools that can help you make the most of your time and get the most from your work. To get you started using these resources to increase your business’s success, here are a few online solutions worth checking out.

  • iMeet: Did you know that the majority of communication from human to human is nonverbal? So when you take most of your meetings over the phone, you miss out on body language and facial clues from your clients. With iMeet, you can get face-to-face time without ever leaving your office. This service simply requires an Internet connection, and is compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • WordPress: WordPress is no longer just a place for individuals to post their blogs; it has grown into a site where businesses can host professional looking websites and regularly updated content. With a plethora of plug-ins, themes, and widgets, this site allows immense customization so you can get the right website for your business without paying big money.
  • Evernote: Do you ever feel you simply have too many thoughts swirling around in your head? Capture them in writing or in a voice memo, as well as important website and images, with Evernote. This software utilizes the cloud to make sure you have access to your important information and to-do lists wherever you are, from any device.

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Financial Advice for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you are faced with unique challenges that large corporations do not have to worry about. Gathered are tips from successful small business owners that want to watch your company grow as much as you do:

  • It is important that you access capital now. Accessing capital can help you expand your business if you are interested in launching new products or services, hiring new employees, or even buying another company. You can also refinance any old debt at the current lower interest rates. Some day-to-day business obligations may require you to have the liquidity of a line of credit (LOC) and accessing capital early on will allow you to do this.
  • You may want to consider hiring a consultant instead of a part-time employee to conduct one duty. Consultants have the ability to cross-pollinate your organization by bringing outside perspective, knowledge, and advice.
  • Rather than slowly planning a strategic start-up, have a lean start-up. Launch a basic form of your concept or product and gain interest and feedback right from the get go, before launching in a more competitive market.

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Managing Your Online Reputation

If you dismiss the significance of online reviews of your business you could be making a big mistake. More and more people are turning to these reviews to help them make a buying decision. With 60% of us using smartphones, these reviews are accessible to most of us instantly from anywhere. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind in managing your online reputation.

  1. Start with a simple Google Search of your company name. Make sure you review a few pages of returns to give you an idea of what is out there.
  2. Search your company name under “Google Images”.
  3. There are blog search engines like Technorati that can help search blogs for any mentions of your organization.
  4. Make sure you actively monitor your social media and respond professionally and courteously to any negative comments posted.
  5. Google has an alert program you can sign up for that will let you know anytime your company name is mentioned on the internet.
  6. Encourage your happy customers to post good reviews of their experience online. Print up a card to let them know where they can submit their reviews.

An online reputation is particularly important for small business owners. It is time to see what’s out there and work to improve it.

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Small business owners: Employee retention tips from big companies

Every business owner, no matter how big or small the company is, struggles with employee retention. However, larger companies seem to use the right techniques and tactics to maintain a higher employee retention rate. When it comes to improving the employee retention rates, small business owners needs to learn from, understand how and follow the lead of big companies.

Here are some big company tactics that every small business owner should use to help with employee retention:

  • Employee compensation: This includes pay, health insurance packages, discounts and anything else that can be offered to encourage employees to want to stay long-term.
  • Recognition programs: Reward employees for a job well done by recognizing them in front of their peers.
  • Leadership programs: Show employees you are willing to invest in their future by offering training opportunities to help them grow.
  • Mentoring programs: Develop a program where other employees help new hires understand what to expect while on the job.

Start taking the lead from the big companies and enlist a set retention program for your small business. The happier your employees are, the more likely they will want to stay long-term with your company.

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