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3 Habits That All Successful Entrepreneurs Exhibit

Long-term success is the goal of all entrepreneurs, and all successful entrepreneurs share similar habits.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a job title, it’s a way of life that few have come to master. Starting a new business is a long-term process with many tough challenges—one of which is actually keeping the business alive for its long-term success. Passion and vision are necessary, but they are not enough to really change the world. The best entrepreneurs who achieve long-term success had the following habits in common. Put them into practice to achieve success in your business.

  1. Never give up, never surrender!

Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they faced a lot of setbacks and pivoted many times, down to their last dollar. But they never gave up, and they kept moving forward. Many investors look for that determination in every new founder.

  1. Proactively replace current offerings.

When the cash flow starts coming in, it’s easy to stay complacent and only react when competitors start showing up and taking a part of that flow. Steve Jobs, arguably the best entrepreneur of the 21st century (so far), was quick to make his own best-selling products obsolete every few years. It’s a challenging but winning strategy.

  1. They work harder and longer than most.

They not only work harder and longer, they actually relish the fact they do. They get way more done than anyone else in their field, and this is why they succeed. They have extreme focus on selected critical elements and have extreme depth of knowledge on their key subjects.

Being an entrepreneur is no easy task, and is definitely not for the light-hearted. It takes guts, intuition, passion, a bit of luck, and real determination. It’s time to figure out how you can start earning more, working less, and enjoying life! Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program to do just that!

Changing Your Behavior for Success!

Some habits can be dangerous for your business. Do you have any of them?

No two snowflakes are alike: that’s something we learn from a very early age that holds scientific truth. This is because no two snowflakes fall in the same path—with even the smallest of temperature or pressure differences, they come out looking different. Similarly, your business likely had its own unique start and you alone can make people realize that that difference is worth their money.
Some habits you may have picked up on the path to uniqueness could actually be hurting your business. The following questions are ones you should answer, and try to transform any of these detrimental habits.

  1. Do you focus on results or reasons?

It’s said that when it comes to business there are two kinds of people: those who see results, or those who see reasons. The people who see reasons only see the reasons that their dream can’t be realized, while the others get the results that they want to see. You have to focus on goals that are possible for you! If you’re driven by results, you’ll see your dream come true faster.

  1. “Why not,” or “why bother?”

“Why bother” people easily throw their hands up in the air when they are presented with challenges seeing the time and effort as not being worth it. “Why not” people see the situation as an opportunity. If they fail, they’re no worse than they were before.

  1. Are (some) rules meant to be broken?

Rules are there for a reason: they keep order in our society filled with human beings. Some rules, however are better to be broken that kept sacred. In life, sometimes playing it safe can hold you back. People are admirers of those that take risks and break the rules that need to be broken.

Growing your business can only be done when you, yourself, grow as a person – a business owner – and as a leader. These can only come from within, and if you’re serious about your business, you’ll look into making these changes. it is time to figure out how you can start earning more, working less, and enjoying life! Contact Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program to do just that!


Task Management App: Any.DO

Have you heard of Any.DO yet? Any.DO is an online platform that can be accessed through a smart phone application or on the internet. This app allows you to manage your tasks with the simple click of a button. If you are constantly finding yourself mind boggled with all the items on your to do list and would highly benefit from a task management application, try Any.DO! Compiled is a list of some of Any.DO’s many features:

  • Reminds you to return missed calls.
  • Sends quick text messages to those you can’t talk to at the moment – Often this helps in avoiding car accidents because your Any.DO will update your friend immediately.
  • You can easily add anything to your to do list via email
  • You can turn emails into tasks
  • After you’ve completed something on your to do list, you just shake your phone and the task disappears.
  • Creates reoccurring items the right way.
  • Daily Review at the Start and End of each day

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Benefits of Online Video Marketing

Have you ever thought about marketing your company through an online video? The use of online video marketing is becoming increasingly popular among the small business community. Compiled is a list of the benefits of online video marketing, hopefully convincing you to incorporate them into your small business marketing plan:

  • Online video marketing is one of the simplest and cheapest forms of marketing.
  • Free access to YouTube and other online video platforms make it easy and convenient to upload a marketing video online.
  • Videos convey messages that text simply cannot.
  • They are eye-catching, effective, and real.
  • Leave a memorable impression.
  • Online video marketing sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Online video marketing puts a face to your brand and will in turn form loyal customers who care about your success.
  • Complex information can be understood more easily through video explanation.
  • An online video is more likely to go viral and create a buzz.

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How Do You Define Greatness?

Everyone has their own interpretation of what greatness means to them and how to measure greatness. Each individual is on their own journey to discovering who they are, what they purpose is, and how they plan to achieve that purpose. Definitions of greatness vary depending on the person you are asking.

In order to achieve greatness, you must challenge yourself on a daily basis. Often, we are so caught up with the daily demands of life we forget to acknowledge our values and live by them. Compiled is a list of questions you should ask yourself on a regular basis to bring you closer to your unique meaning of greatness based on your answers. If you think about these questions on a daily basis, you may be able to notice the impact of your values on your life.

Ask yourself:

  • What are your top 5 values in life?
  • Why were you put on this earth?
  • What is your purpose in life?

The video below has been ranked as one of the most motivational speeches ever. When watching this video, consider the questions above and see how your answers compare.


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What Keeps Small Business Owners Up At Night

As an owner of a small business, you may face more challenges than owners of large corporations. Just because your business is small, it doesn’t make it any less important to the US Economy. A third of the United States population is employed by small businesses and with 28 small businesses in America, it is important that we take a moment to see what keeps them worrying at night.

  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Functionality & Reliability of Technology
  • Talent Management: Recruiting & Retaining Staff
  • Taxes, Government Regulations & Healthcare Reform
  • Financing & Decreasing Ability to Acquire Funds

Small business require just as much, if not more, attention than large businesses. 25% of all business claims are due to damage to the building and its contents, loss of income, or computer data loss. If you are a small business owner, it is important that you have sufficient insurance coverage to back up your investment.

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4 Tips for Success

While planning is the first thing people suggest when it comes to success, it is not the only thing you can do to be successful. Take these 4 helpful tips from successful entrepreneurs into consideration during your quest for success:

  1. Desire – Find something that you have enough desire to get started. You don’t need to be over the top passionate about it but at least some desire.
  2. Quickly Take a Smart Step – As quickly as possible, take a smart step towards your goal. This means that you make a quick move of action with some means at hand. That step should never cost more than it possible to loose. Use all of your resources and networking to speak to those who can help you attain those goals.
  3. Reflect and Build From That Step – Each action changes the future course of actions that you will need to take. That initial step may have pushed you closer to your goal, or may have caused you to reevaluate your options. You may need to contact additional members of your network.
  4. Repeat! – Act. Learn. Build. Repeat. Success is found through these 4 steps.

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The Unstoppable Profit Producer Team Wishes You A Happy Father’s Day!

Each year, we celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. Although we should be showing our appreciation for our fathers year round, it is especially important to show them how much they truly mean to you on this day.

Many people choose to buy their fathers the traditional tie present or a new work shirt, but what Dad really wants is to spend time with you. Plan a family picnic in the park or serve him breakfast in bed. Being together is what truly matters. Don’t forget about any father figures in your life that would love to feel the love on this special day as well.

The Unstoppable Profit Producer Team would like to warmly extend a wish for a terrific Father’s Day to ALL of the fathers in your family or those that you know. We recognize that without our fathers that none of us would be here and we want to show our appreciation for all of our fathers.

Listen to this short inspirational clip, one son’s heartwarming message to his Dad, by clicking the play button below…

5 Strategies to Simplify Your Small Business Move

Whether you chose the wrong location to begin, got a really great deal on another location, are changing cities or states, or something else entirely, moving your small business can be rather complex and complicated. There’s a lot that the business owner has to think about, from planning the move and packing inventory to determining whether employees should relocate.

Luckily, there are a few strategies that you can put to use to simplify your small business move when it comes to the move announcement.

  1. You need to first let your employees know about the move. Do it in a meeting so everyone – whether it’s two or 20 employees – can be notified at the exact same time.
  2. Ensure all employees are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to the move. The IT department may be responsible for packing up the company’s computer equipment and setting it all up at the new location.
  3. Create a marketing campaign so that clients, vendors and other aspects of your business network can be notified of your move.
  4. Make certain that all letterheads, business cards, signage, etc. are updated to reflect the new location.
  5. Be ready to start immediately on building yourself, your brand and your entire company at your new location. In fact, pieces should already be in place before you’re fully moved in.  

For those in the insurance sector, Mike’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program is a valuable program for business owners to realize success in their business. Make sure to contact Mike for more information. 

Managing Your Online Reputation

If you dismiss the significance of online reviews of your business you could be making a big mistake. More and more people are turning to these reviews to help them make a buying decision. With 60% of us using smartphones, these reviews are accessible to most of us instantly from anywhere. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind in managing your online reputation.

  1. Start with a simple Google Search of your company name. Make sure you review a few pages of returns to give you an idea of what is out there.
  2. Search your company name under “Google Images”.
  3. There are blog search engines like Technorati that can help search blogs for any mentions of your organization.
  4. Make sure you actively monitor your social media and respond professionally and courteously to any negative comments posted.
  5. Google has an alert program you can sign up for that will let you know anytime your company name is mentioned on the internet.
  6. Encourage your happy customers to post good reviews of their experience online. Print up a card to let them know where they can submit their reviews.

An online reputation is particularly important for small business owners. It is time to see what’s out there and work to improve it.

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