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How Do You Define Greatness?

Everyone has their own interpretation of what greatness means to them and how to measure greatness. Each individual is on their own journey to discovering who they are, what they purpose is, and how they plan to achieve that purpose. Definitions of greatness vary depending on the person you are asking.

In order to achieve greatness, you must challenge yourself on a daily basis. Often, we are so caught up with the daily demands of life we forget to acknowledge our values and live by them. Compiled is a list of questions you should ask yourself on a regular basis to bring you closer to your unique meaning of greatness based on your answers. If you think about these questions on a daily basis, you may be able to notice the impact of your values on your life.

Ask yourself:

  • What are your top 5 values in life?
  • Why were you put on this earth?
  • What is your purpose in life?

The video below has been ranked as one of the most motivational speeches ever. When watching this video, consider the questions above and see how your answers compare.


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