Task Management App: Any.DO

Have you heard of Any.DO yet? Any.DO is an online platform that can be accessed through a smart phone application or on the internet. This app allows you to manage your tasks with the simple click of a button. If you are constantly finding yourself mind boggled with all the items on your to do list and would highly benefit from a task management application, try Any.DO! Compiled is a list of some of Any.DO’s many features:

  • Reminds you to return missed calls.
  • Sends quick text messages to those you can’t talk to at the moment – Often this helps in avoiding car accidents because your Any.DO will update your friend immediately.
  • You can easily add anything to your to do list via email
  • You can turn emails into tasks
  • After you’ve completed something on your to do list, you just shake your phone and the task disappears.
  • Creates reoccurring items the right way.
  • Daily Review at the Start and End of each day

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