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How Important is WHAT Comes Out of Your Mouth?

Many agency principles think they can just “wing it” or they “know what they want to say.” True that, but what about every person in your office? On the telephone, you have 7 seconds to grab and hold your prospect’s attention and frequently you don’t get a second chance.

I’ve been in business for 31 years, and before that, starting working for my dad when I was 12. Using a script on every call is imperative… Why?  Because I know what happens when I don’t…

Using a script will help build confidence because it will be known what needs to be said, what questions to ask and it will be known where the conversation should go.  It keeps the person handling the call focused, eliminating the opportunity to get side-tracked or off the subject matter and wasting of precious profit time.

The key to a successful good telephone sales and prospecting call scripts, is a well thought out presentations that says what you want to say, precisely and succinctly, yet that still gives you room to maneuver. Your goal with a call script is for your prospect to hear you and for your prospect to get “hooked.”

Write your script the way you talk – and get to the point! People actually speak more in phrases or fragments, with pauses, sometimes improper grammar and the occasional ah or um…

So what makes a good prospecting sales script? Here are a few questions to ask yourself when beginning the script writing process:

  1. 1.  What is the purpose of this call?
  2. 2.  Who is this person I will be speaking with?
  3. 3.  What are the questions I need to ask?
  4. 4.  What is the potential solution for the prospect or
    customer’s problem?
  5. 5.  What is the next step?

And now it’s time for the close…  ASK for what you want! All your hard work is worth nothing if you do not ask for what you want.  If you have the best product, why are you afraid to ask people to buy it?

Happy implementing,

Mike Stromsoe, Creator of the
Unstoppable Profit Producer Program™
A Coaching Program for Insurance Agents
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PS And role play with others…. Your team members internally, family members, whoever is willing! Practice is NEVER over for the successful pros!

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Sean McCreary

Owner, M3 Insurance

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