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I hope this finds your week turning out to be an absolute, over the top, off-the-charts win! If not so far, you still have time to turn the tide.

Questions continue to surface on how we organize our team, keep our team together, keep them motivated, keep them moving forward, compensate them at a level that keeps that motivates them, keeps them producing, and so on.  It would be unfair if I did not share some of that information with you today. Here are few snippets for your implementation:

The hands down, number one thing that we do team wise is the weekly team meeting.  It happens every Wednesday morning at 8:29am, and it’s over by 8:59am.  It’s not very long, but I come to the table with an agenda every week, and I bring something of value to the agenda, a meaningful conversation that might be going on in the mind of my marketplace, and in this particular instance, it’s my team members’ marketplace.  I have to understand what they’re going through, what they’re experiencing, and everything associated with it.  If I’m not paying attention to that, then I can’t relate to it.  So this week’s team meeting as an example was talking about success, I discussed what it takes, it was talking about whether there’s really a magic pill that’s going to bring them more opportunities to write more business instantly, among other things, and what I’ve listed below are the items that are on the agenda, and I’ll give you some detail on that as much as I can:

  1. 1. Official opening of the work comp feeding frenzy in our home state is 09-01-2011. (Educate and motivate).
  2. 2. The reading of client report cards that came in recently. This totally motivates the team!
  3. 3. Distribution of pedometers. One of our health carriers sought us out this week because we are writing so much business, the pedometers were one of the gifts (the other was money).
  4. 4. New comparative rater discussion.
  5. 5. Input from team about marketing to a niche marketplaces. We are consistently launching new programs and this month is NO exception.

And at the very end of the meeting, I showed the following video to finish it off.  Now, the reason I showed this video is I want them to be successful and I want them to understand in the mind of the marketplace they are trying to reach, which are our customers and our prospects.

Here’s the Secrets of Success (video) – please watch it closely, 10,000 times if needed!

I hope this helps you, and I hope this helps you communicate effectively with your team.  One other thing that I do consistently is talk to my team…..all of the time.  I talk to them face-to-face, I talk to them via video e-mail, I talk to them by phone, I let them know that I’m always there for them and I’ve got their back 100% of the time, as long as they follow the procedures that we’ve set in place.

Remember to never, ever stop collecting those special moments from your customers and marketplace via video testimonials. Carry that camera everywhere and record the facts as they happen!

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