After 234 Years, You Are Still Free!

As our family huddled closely on the blankets in our yard to watch the annual fireworks show last weekend, I began to ponder the ”price of freedom”. The more I thought about it over the next couple of days, the more I realize that nothing is free, especially our freedom.
When you think of freedom, what comes to mind? Freedom to believe what you want to believe, freedom to work where and when you want, to vote, to have certain rights, to live where you want to live, to earn as much as you want…. What comes to mind?

When it comes to business, the greatest freedom breakthroughs we can have include creating a mindset in our business where people can thrive and want they want to thrive, to create marketing systems that continually produce sales and protection opportunities, where people can make UNLIMITED income, where you are the owner can work the hours YOU want to work and do the things that fulfill your life while your money making agency machine continues to churn profit, with OR without you.

It took me 11 years to create the “Living Agency Laboratory”. Don’t let 11 years go by until you make the decisions I faced in 1998.

Your freedom to live life on YOUR terms can start today.
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Wishing all of the success that life has to offer,

Mike Stromsoe, Creator of the
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PS Don’t take my word for it, these REAL agents say it best:
“ The knowledge of marketing materials and agency business practices that Mike Stromsoe truly understands and has shared with me has made a huge imapct in my life. You see, what Mike taught me is that my life is not about my business, but that my business is there is support my life. Mike Stromsoe is one of the main reasons for my success today”
Bill Gough – Agency Principle
Florence, AL

“My business has grown dramatically because of Mike Stromsoe. He has been the most selfless, most caring person I have known. Every time Mike gives, he gives from the heart. And what he gives is always a gem, a real diamond that makes my business grow. Trust me, anyone doing business with Mike Stromsoe will benefit. My 2 cents.”
Geri Custer – Agency Principle
Phoenix, AZ

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