Want To Improve Customer Service? Check Your Company Culture

How Internal Transparency Can Transform External Experience

You know that customer service is the key to success. Other than constantly shadowing each member of your team, though, you may be stumped for how to guarantee that each individual with whom your business interacts walks away with a glowing experience. Fortunately, though, there is a very practical thing you can do to improve customer service: cultivate transparency.

How, exactly, does transparency within your team shape what comes out of your team? First, remember that a customer decides to do business with you because he or she trusts your brand. If, then, the staff with whom he or she interacts does not mirror that trust, the experience is likely to be poor.

To establish and safeguard trust in your team, make it a regular part of your in-house communication to share what is happening in your company. Work to keep your employees looped in on the business’s growth and changes so that when they interact with your customers—as well as your vendors and prospective employees—they will do so with confidence that they are informed and confidence in your brand.

Furthermore, by cultivating a transparent company culture, you personalize the work for your employees. They know for which goals they are working and how their efforts play into the bigger picture. Consequently, when they interact with customers, they will be able to similarly personalize the consumer’s experience with your business. In other words, you empower them to interact with the customer as a person, not a profit margin.

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