You have 21 days to WOW your clients!

People that buy insurance buy insurance somewhere.  People hope they’re never going to use it.  People spend a lot of money for insurance.  It’s a paper contract that they hope they’re never going to have to use.  But when you change the paradigm and you turn around and recognize them for something they don’t really want to do to make them feel better about their buying decision, it just shifts.  People love to be recognized.  They love to be shown gratitude.  They love to be thanked for spending their hard earned money with you.

When somebody starts their insurance with your agency, they’re a brand new customer.  Now is a GOLDEN opportunity, a unique, one-time 21 day window to truly earn their trust. So, do you immediately take this type of action…

Day 0 Thank You Card. Day 0 means the intention is that you get that thing out immediately.  In our agency we use a customized thank you card with our team picture on the front, blank inside except for a couple of words.  We place some business cards in there of their CSR, and handwrite a note inside thanking them for their business.

Day 4 Welcome Package. This is a large envelope, preprinted on both sides.  It has a lot of neat things printed on the envelope itself.  Safety tips on the back and a big message on the front that says, “Welcome to our agency.”  This is always hand address and inside is four to five systematic pieces of paper messages that are sent to the client.

Day 14 Mega Package. This envelope is Huge and it’s RED!  The intention of this particular envelope is to wow the customer.  Day 14 has just tons of stuff in it.  Now keep in mind they’ve already received the thank you card.  They’ve already received the Day 4 envelope, and they might be thinking to themselves, “Wow this is pretty neat.  This agency really cares about their customers.  They really care about our relationship and I’m feeling pretty good about things right now,” and then Bam… about ten days later comes this huge envelope with all of this cool stuff in it.  It really WOWs their socks off!

Remember, the average lifetime value of a customer is eight to ten years. So take the revenue for that client and multiply it by the number of years.  Is it worth it? I think you’re going to find that it’s a YES!

And that’s not all…….AAA new clients also get the Super Secret “OCT Gift”.

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”


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