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This is a No Brainer…

Talk to lots of agency principles, producers and other agency team members. When we discuss referrals, most say “we get lots or most of our business from referrals”.  I then ask about the structure of their referral program. Normally, a period of silence follows.

Watch this 3 minute video with a pen and paper in hand >>>>

When you do, your systematic structure begins.

Hope this helps to continually build the agency that will support the life of your dreams.

More good news – EVERY single piece of our referral program is ready for you to plug and play today at a very deeply discounted price of $299.00 (that’s 27% off). Call 800-770-9984 now before it’s too late.

The first 3 callers to order will also receive, as a FREE BONUS, the 6 CD set and workbook of a recently recorded interview by industry expert Ginger Rogers. In this interview, everything we did to take our scratch agency from zero to $1m in revenue in 9 years is revealed…… ALL of the details. Call Now – 800-770-9984!

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