Mike’s 10 Tips To Start Your Decade – Tip #3

As so well taught by Earl Nightengale, you are what you think about . So far in 2010, I have been thinking about:

1. Being decisive
2. Staying focused

The results have been amazing! We are on fire in all phases! Please join me at www.unstoppableprofitproducer.com, let us know how we can help you. Here’s tip #3 to start your decade with massive results:

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Please comment and let us know what is working for you so far. Additional tip – What gets written down gets done!


  1. Mike on January 26, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Thanks Gary.

    Write it down somewhere where you can see it. I use mutiple locations, the bathroom mirror, computer monitors, index cards, our intranet and others.

    I have four basic ways in which I plan:

    1. Annual corporate goals
    2. Quarterly planner for my teammates, team meetings
    3. Weekly planner for me, key personnel
    4. Daily calendar for me, organized by my asst

    Yes our goals and plans are in various areas, but production(money) is always an annual corporate goal and all quarter, weekly and daily activities are supporting the annual corporate goals.

    The goals must be SMART:


    2010 Annual:

    1. Growth
    2. Acquisition
    3. Convert team personnel
    4. Team members become Gold CC

    I’ll be happy to dig in further with you soon.

    Good luck implementing, executing, and taking action on whatever you do!


    PS Big doors swing on little hinges

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