Mike’s 10 Tips To Start Your Decade – Tip #2


Below is a short video with the intimate details on tip#2 to put you on the fast track to success this decade. Please implement, execute and take action today.

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Mike Stromsoe
Creator of the Unstoppable Profit Producer System
for Successful Insurance Agents

PS Please be accountable and share what you plan to do to “make a difference” this year

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Just in case you missed the entire Top 10 List, here it is. I strongly encourage you to print or write down the following 10 Proven Tips and implement,execute and take action on each one:

1. Be decisive
2. Stay focused
3. Write down yours goals and review them often. Post them all over, in your car, bathroom mirror, fridge – no limits
4. Plan thoroughly
5. Involve others
6. Welcome failure
7. Take purposeful action
8. Insepct what you expect
9. Reward yourself
10. Maintain personal integrity

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