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Shore Up Your Self-Confidence

How To Have Faith In Yourself

So much of how we perceive people comes down to their self-confidence. Think about it- if your doctor seems like he or she doubts him or herself, how likely are you to go for a second opinion? If your server is shy and standoffish, do you leave a big tip? Do you put a lot of stock in the meek speaker’s advice? Confidence is a key component to both personal and professional success, and is, fortunately, something you can work on building. To help you on your way to self-assurance, use these tips.

  • Look Back: What have you accomplished in your life so far? Even little things like making a killer chicken dinner or being an accomplished pianist tally up to make you who you are today. Take some time to think about your achievements and how awesome they are!
  • Look Within: What does your self-talk say? Do you think negative thoughts about yourself, cutting yourself down all day long? Work on your positive thinking, and you will be amazed at how quickly you find your self-doubt lessening. Sometimes, all you need to change is your thinking.
  • Look Ahead: What do you hope to achieve? Could a person struggling with a lack of self-confidence achieve it? Visualize where you hope to go, and the kind of person you will need to be to get there. Let your visions of the future straighten your back and strengthen your resolve so you can walk ahead with confidence, leaving self-doubt in the past.

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Perfecting Your Personal Brand

What You Need To Know About Personal Branding

In an increasingly connected world, branding yourself well can feel like one of the most important things you can do for professional success. You want the people in your network to know who you are, what you do, and why you are the best at it. Creating a personal brand, however, means so much more than just making you look cool. Here are some tips to make sure your brand is both accurate and meaningful.

  • Work Hard: Creating an appealing persona online can never substitute for actually doing your job. No matter what season of your professional life you are in, dedicating yourself to hard work—and good work—will serve you. In an age of superficiality, having the evidence that you can walk the walk, not just talk the talk, can make all the difference in the world for your professional advancement.
  • Be Nice: You never know when trash talking or spotlight grabbing on social media channels can come back to bite you. Before you post anything online, think about how your boss, investors, and colleagues would react if they saw it. Because odds are, they will.
  • Spread Joy: Work can become a grind if you do not commit to staying grateful and joyful. Put energy into practicing contentment, and let it show in your personal brand. Your co-workers and superiors will appreciate it, and some of it may just rub off to bring a little joy into their own work lives.

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