Six Tips For A Happier Workplace

We are all in search of a happier workplace. Business owners who create a better work atmosphere have higher employee retention and a more productive workforce. Here are some six keys to creating, and keeping, a better atmosphere at the office.

  • Share company goals and solicit employee input on how to reach them.
  • Let them know how reaching those goals will positively affect them.
  • Work on team-building. Volunteer as a group for a community activity and schedule a monthly lunch together. Actively encourage conversation and involve everyone.
  • Help your employees get better by providing learning materials and through constructive criticism. Catch them doing things right!
  • Have at least a small incentive program in place. A better parking spot, an hour off early on a Friday, and even recognition on your website can work wonders.
  • Be genuinely grateful individually with each of them. This gratitude can go a long way.

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