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Working Wonders For Workplace Satisfaction

A Few Scientifically Proven Ways To Boost Workplace Happiness

Business owners like to think that their companies are wonderful places to work. If, however, you can think back to your days in the trenches, you likely remember a boss or two who was completely unaware of the daily struggles you faced in the workplace. Fortunately, you do not have to be that kind of leader. To increase workplace happiness, ultimately improving employee retention, use these scientifically proven techniques.

  • Stay Involved: Employees who feel they are involved in the workplace work harder and better than those who are disconnected. Offer regular performance evaluations, recognition for successes, benefits packages, and continuing education to make your team feel like they are getting out as much as they are putting in.
  • Consider Flexing: You may be hesitant to offer flex hours because it will offer you less control of the work that gets done outside of standard business hours, but studies show the freedom flex hours offer can actually increase quality of work. Let your employees create their own clock, and you can increase satisfaction and retention.
  • Get Active: If you have sat in one place for an eight hour day, you know that it can feel pretty tedious. Consider adding a ten minute morning break to allow your team to take a walk around the block, offering gym memberships, implementing standing desks, and planning team outings that get you moving to offer your employees more energy throughout the day.

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How To Keep Your Cool

Maintaining Your Composure In The Workplace

When you are invested in the work you do, it can be very easy to let a snafu throw you off balance. Fortunately, you are the master of your emotions and you can keep your cool even in the worst workplace situations. Leaders who see the most success are able to maintain their composure no matter what the workday brings; to emulate them, use these tips.

  • Be Selfless: Believe it or not, not everything is about you. Remind yourself that the issue at hand is professional, not personal, and you as an individual have very little to do with it except for the solutions you can offer. Do not let yourself get wrapped up in worrying about how an incident reflects on you personally because, to be frank, it does not.
  • Be Decisive: Nothing can be harder on your emotions—and the emotions of your employees or colleagues—than feeling pulled in a variety of directions. Gather the facts, give them careful thought, make your decision, and then stick with it. Do not let emotions or fear force you to second guess the call you made. It has been decided and you can move forward from here.
  • Be Accountable: As a leader, it is important for you to assume responsibility for the issue at hand even if you are not directly to blame for it. Do not waste time and emotional energy trying to place the blame on someone else or find a scapegoat; take it upon yourself to focus on finding a solution.

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Six Tips For A Happier Workplace

We are all in search of a happier workplace. Business owners who create a better work atmosphere have higher employee retention and a more productive workforce. Here are some six keys to creating, and keeping, a better atmosphere at the office.

  • Share company goals and solicit employee input on how to reach them.
  • Let them know how reaching those goals will positively affect them.
  • Work on team-building. Volunteer as a group for a community activity and schedule a monthly lunch together. Actively encourage conversation and involve everyone.
  • Help your employees get better by providing learning materials and through constructive criticism. Catch them doing things right!
  • Have at least a small incentive program in place. A better parking spot, an hour off early on a Friday, and even recognition on your website can work wonders.
  • Be genuinely grateful individually with each of them. This gratitude can go a long way.

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Increase Worker Morale And Teamworking Skills With Team Building Activities

After the fourth project meeting with little success, a time comes when you have to decide if your workers can actually come together with the answers and creativity to complete the project. Many managers simply throw the workers together to see what stews from the process. Yet there are other ways to get the team working together productively: introducing team building skills.

Team building skills are designed to allow employees to form stronger relationships and skills needed to work together. These planned activities strive to get employees thinking on the same page of completing the task in the best manner possible, while still allowing them to use their individual creativity and problem-solving to help address problems.

Benefits of creating team building activities:

  • Builds confidence and motivation
  • Increases interpersonal skills and cooperation
  • Hones problem-solving skills in a team environment
  • Increases the employee’s creativity
  • Promotes productivity

Managers can benefit from team building activities because they can also address problems between individual employees, as they smooth out possible relationship issues until everyone can come to a positive agreement. While it might take time from other projects, the long-term benefits will help the overall work each employee does for the company.

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