Easy Tips To Lower Your Business Travel Costs

How To Cut Costs On The Road

Business travel is an essential part of building your business. When you have the opportunity to meet with your clients and potential leads face to face, you can make a much more impactful connection than you would over email, phone, or even with videoconferencing.

While you know business travel is important, you likely also know that it is expensive. Here are a few tips for discovering low cost business travel to keep your budgets balanced even as you make meaningful connections with clients.

  • Love Lunch: If you have ever looked at your business expenses while you travel, you have probably realized that dining out accounts for a significant portion of your cost. The good news is that lunch is generally more affordable than dinner, so by making lunch your main meal of the day and opting for a smaller dinner, you can cut costs.
  • Test Travel Options: Cabs are pricey. Why not try rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft to help you get a more affordable ride? These apps are easily downloaded to your smartphone and you can call a ride with just a couple clicks. Easier and cheaper, this is a win-win.
  • Pack Like A Pro: Checking a bag is unfortunately expensive. The good news is you can skip this too-high cost by packing in your carry on. Roll clothes, wear your bulkiest pieces on to the flight, and get travel-sized everything in order to easily fit everything you need in this smaller space. Bonus: No more waiting at baggage claim!

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