Customer Service Is A Must!

As a business owner, customer service should be your prime concern! Here are 4 customer service tips to live by that will greatly increase people’s satisfaction with your business:

  • Incorporate the “Yes” principle! Never tell your customers they can’t have or do something. Offer as many different options before you outright tell a person “no”. This will greatly increase the chances that the customer returns to your business, even if you couldn’t help them out the first time.
  • If it applies to your business- take your product to them! Offer to drive your product to certain customers who may need service faster than others. Going above and beyond like this will help your customers to feel special, and they will appreciate it.
  • Use social media like twitter to keep in touch with your customers, and track their satisfaction. Tweet them a quick “thanks!” to let them know how grateful you are for their business.
  • Employ these principles every day! Yes, business is busiest during certain seasons, but year-round customer service is what makes good businesses great!

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