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Increasing Your Efficiency and Productivity with Downtime

The Puritan Work Ethic with its almost constant emphasis on frugality and diligence, but even more so on hard work, leaves little room for doubt about the relative value of work compared to rest and relaxation. But since the days when the Puritans’ ideas were prominent we have learned a few more things about work, and about how rest actually helps us accomplish more with our work.

Work is performed for reasons, called goals and objectives, and the more efficient and productive your work is in moving toward or accomplishing objectives, the more successful that work is deemed to be. The Puritans frowned on rest and relaxation as vices, robbing us of our prized accomplishments from hard work. As it turns out, however, without rest work can become counterproductive.

Multiple studies have begun to clearly point to rest as a key element in our brains’ ability to function efficiently. If efficiency and productivity are important, then rest is, too. Our mental capacities are continuously depleted during daily conscious behaviors. Various types of mental downtime, in the form of rest, serve to replenish our reserves. It seems that all work and no play does, indeed, make Jack a dull boy.

Napping can seriously increase productivity, and naps of about ten minutes seem to be the most beneficial, more so than either longer or shorter naps. But so can meditation in its many forms help to increase mental sharpness. Even simply resting idly, or daydreaming can be highly beneficial to mental functions such as concentration, memory, attention, creativity, and general productivity.

What this means for busy insurance professionals or anyone else who wants to increase their efficiency and enhance the results of their work, is that downtime can accomplish more by recharging your batteries. Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program is built around the concepts of increasing your productivity and efficiency. If periodic rest and downtime accomplish this best, then the sufficiency of your rest can be equated with your success.

Mike’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program serves the business and professional world nationwide, and is ready to revitalize your agency’s operation and recharge your batteries to improve efficiency and profit. Contact Mike today. 

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