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The Right Routine At Work

Boost Your Productivity & Satisfaction With A Solid Workday Schedule

After a fun weekend, it can feel hard to push yourself to get back to work on Monday morning. Fortunately, creating a work routine and sticking to it can make it possible for you to do just that, and to actually enjoy it. Here are a few suggestions for honing in on the perfect workplace routine to make everything from your Monday morning to your Friday afternoon as pleasant and productive as possible.

  • Daily Dos: Creating a daily calendar will only take you a few minutes, but it can help you stay on track all day. Make sure you schedule in your breaks, meal times, and exercise, and you will have a comprehensive picture of how the day should go, helping you stay on track.
  • Organize Your Inbox: Backlogged emails can make getting started on your work feel overwhelming. Take an hour to create folders so that you can prioritize the most important emails, create a space to move those newsletters you might read later, and archive the junk.
  • Start Slow: If you are honest with yourself, you are probably thinking that getting organized and then sticking to your plan sounds great in theory, but unsustainable in practice. To make it easier for you to adjust to a work routine, start slow. Try just making a checklist for the first week. Slowly transition into a detailed schedule. Also, take on your smallest tasks first so you will be able to knock out some items quickly, giving you the feeling of accomplishment you need to move forward.

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5 Tips To Encourage a Healthy Work Environment

One of the most important characteristics to maintain in your business is a healthy and happy work environment. When your workforce is happy, your company flourishes. Therefore, it is imperative that you follow these 5 tips to encourage a healthy work environment:

  1. It is important that you encourage interaction between team members. Workplace morale and productivity will increase as your team feels a sense of community.
  2. Invite your employees in your world. Share the company’s overall goals with them and encourage input and feedback.
  3. Motivate your employees by providing a career path. Knowing that there is always the opportunity to move up in a company will keep your employees on their best behavior and always working to achieve new goals.
  4. Encourage workplace physical activity. Consider hiring a yoga instructor to come to the office twice a week.
  5. Most importantly, be responsive to your team’s needs and show your appreciation for their hard work on a regular basis.

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How to work smarter, not harder

Some people may think that the harder they work, the more they will achieve. While this may be true in some professions, knowing how to work smarter, not harder will lead to a happier, less stressed life and increased productivity. These 5 tips can help you on your way to working smart.

  1. Take more breaks – on average, our brains are only able to focus for 90 minutes at a time, and then need 20 minutes to relax. Respecting your body’s natural chemistry and taking breaks throughout the day can help re-energize you and help reset your attention span.
  2. Take naps – naps can lead to improved cognitive function, creative thinking, and memory performance. Napping also helps the learning process, which helps people take in and retain information. Naps can also help people avoid feeling burnt out.
  3. Spend time in nature – something as simple as eating your lunch in a park or walking down a quiet street can let your mind fully relax which will allow you to focus when you go back to work.
  4. Plan the night before – write out your to do list the night before. This will help reduce your anxiety, allowing you to sleep better, and know exactly where to start the next day.
  5. Build habits to help you stop working – although this may seem a bit counterproductive, allowing yourself to stop working can help you be more productive the next day and make sure you are giving your work your full attention. Small things such as setting a firm cut off time for work or planning something when you get off can help build your habit of stopping work.

Mike’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program can lead your insurance agency in the smarter not harder direction. The program will teach your agents how to work less, earn more, and enjoy more freedom.

Battling the Monday Blues

Monday’s can be the most dreaded days of the workweek. A case of the Monday blues can have a negative impact on your productivity and performance. They can also have a negative impact on those around you. These easy steps can help you avoid the Monday blues.

  1. Identify the problem – knowing what is causing the Monday blues can help you solve the problem, especially if it is consistent problem. Figuring out if the problem is due to your job or outside issues can help you find a remedy.
  2. Prepare for Monday on Friday – try and leave yourself the least amount of dreadful work to finish the following Monday. If there is no way to avoid the work on Monday, make sure to get them done as early as possible so you don’t have to think about it the whole day.
  3. Make a list of things you’re excited about – on Sunday evening, make a list of all the positive things about the upcoming week. This will help make you more excited for the week.
  4. Unplug for the weekend – try to avoid checking you work emails or voicemails during the weekend. Checking emails or voicemails that you are not going to return until the next week will only make you more anxious about the upcoming week.
  5. Get enough sleep and wake up early – going to bed a little bit early on Sunday night can help ensure you wake up well rested on Monday. Waking up even 10 minutes early on Monday may seem like the wrong way to start your week, but the extra “me time” can help you feel like you are not crunched for time.
  6. Dress for success – wearing your favorite outfit on Monday morning can help build your confidence around the office. It could also lead to some compliments, raising your spirit even more.
  7. Have a post-work plan – making plans after work on Mondays can help you look forward to the start of the week.

Mike’s Unstoppable Profit Program hopes you never have to deal with the Monday blues, and to contact the program if you want to learn how to help your insurance company work less and earn more.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Creating a positive work environment can help raise employee moral and maintain a positive work environment. Although the employees of a company can help in creating the overall environment, it is ultimately up to the supervisors that set the tone in a company. These 10 easy ideas can help create a positive work environment and lead to increased productivity in the company.

  1. Encouraging trust – employees who know they can trust their supervisor will be more loyal which will lead to thriving employees.
  2. Demonstrate positive communication – being open with employees and being open to new ideas can help lead to a more positive work environment. It is also important to be receptive to employee feedback.
  3. Encourage staff to be their best – having high expectations for employees and providing positive reinforcement will encourage employees to do their best.
  4. Create team spirit – part basic human nature is the need to feel as if you are part of a group. Creating a sense of unity will allow your employees to feel as if they are part of a team, which will increase the smoothness of business, and decrease tardiness and absenteeism.
  5. Offer recognition and appreciation – a simple thank you or good job will go a long way.
  6. Be accessible – having an open-door policy will allow employees to feel as if they can come to you with any problems they may be encountering. Closed doors give the impression of barriers between the levels of employees.
  7. Offer credit and be responsible – when things are going well, always make sure to give credit where credit is due. This also goes the opposite way of assuming responsibility when things are not going the right way.
  8. Present an encouraging physical environment – small things such as natural light and keeping the office clean will go along way to creating a positive work environment.
  9. Make evaluations an encourage experience – employee evaluations are a great way to provide positive feedback. If an employee needs further development, don’t only focus on what they don’t know, make sure to point out what they are doing right as well.
  10.  Make room for fun – welcoming celebrations is a great way to create a positive and fun work environment.

Mike’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program encourages you to make sure that you are creating the most positive work environment for your employees and remember to contact them when you want to learn how to enjoy more freedom when it comes to your insurance agency.

Increasing Your Efficiency and Productivity with Downtime

The Puritan Work Ethic with its almost constant emphasis on frugality and diligence, but even more so on hard work, leaves little room for doubt about the relative value of work compared to rest and relaxation. But since the days when the Puritans’ ideas were prominent we have learned a few more things about work, and about how rest actually helps us accomplish more with our work.

Work is performed for reasons, called goals and objectives, and the more efficient and productive your work is in moving toward or accomplishing objectives, the more successful that work is deemed to be. The Puritans frowned on rest and relaxation as vices, robbing us of our prized accomplishments from hard work. As it turns out, however, without rest work can become counterproductive.

Multiple studies have begun to clearly point to rest as a key element in our brains’ ability to function efficiently. If efficiency and productivity are important, then rest is, too. Our mental capacities are continuously depleted during daily conscious behaviors. Various types of mental downtime, in the form of rest, serve to replenish our reserves. It seems that all work and no play does, indeed, make Jack a dull boy.

Napping can seriously increase productivity, and naps of about ten minutes seem to be the most beneficial, more so than either longer or shorter naps. But so can meditation in its many forms help to increase mental sharpness. Even simply resting idly, or daydreaming can be highly beneficial to mental functions such as concentration, memory, attention, creativity, and general productivity.

What this means for busy insurance professionals or anyone else who wants to increase their efficiency and enhance the results of their work, is that downtime can accomplish more by recharging your batteries. Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program is built around the concepts of increasing your productivity and efficiency. If periodic rest and downtime accomplish this best, then the sufficiency of your rest can be equated with your success.

Mike’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program serves the business and professional world nationwide, and is ready to revitalize your agency’s operation and recharge your batteries to improve efficiency and profit. Contact Mike today. 

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