The Power of Following-Up

Business leaders in every industry recognize the importance of creating a steady stream of new customers.  Large sums of money are spent to “cast a wide net” through various forms of advertising.  Unfortunately, too many advertising campaigns fail to deliver because no one ever checks to see who is caught in the net.  The objective in any advertising effort is to find new customers that become faithful to the business.

In discussions with frustrated business owners, few can answer one simple question, “what follow-up methods are used after the initial push?”  Time after time, the answer is the same, “none!”  Growing a list of contacts is ineffective when the leads are allowed to grow cold in the days following the first contact.  Instead of following up with these leads, decision makers become frustrated with a response rate of one or two percent. 

In any email campaign, additional emails should be sent with additional instructions concerning the product and company.  Direct contact with potential customers can be established through social media, a website, email response or phone call.  The meager response rate can be transformed into a winning effort to find customers through proper effort to follow each lead to a definite conclusion.

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