Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

Any time that you are in a room with another person is an opportunity to network. How? By having an intriguing, spot-on elevator pitch. Your elevator pitch should be a 30 to 40 second description of what you do and why someone would need your services.

Write down your pitch and constantly hone it. Focus on how your service can be of use to someone else. Practice saying your pitch out loud until you can say it instantly without having to think about it. This can feel artificial, but, it is actually the best way to sound natural and confident when you answer the question, "So, what do you do?"

Make a point of striking up conversations everywhere. Show curiosity about people, and it will be reciprocated. Over time, you will find that your pitch will connect you to all sorts of people, and that you will be able to advance one another’s businesses. 

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