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Bringing More Value To Your Client

As a business owner, you are probably always brainstorming new ways to increase profits or to get additional customers. And while you undoubtedly offer exceptional products and services, the one major key separating you from "the pack" could be the most simple–making sure you excel at bringing value to your client.

As most of you know, attaining a new client is more expensive than retaining a current client, and a client who is already familiar with and pleased with your services is likely to purchase more. But as business owners, we can sometimes forget the biggest, most effective advertising method of all–word of mouth.

Bringing value to your client is as simple as sharing valuable information that helps the client reach his or her goals. It is under-promising and over-delivering. It is bundling insurance products, saving your client money while increasing his or her protection levels. For a corporate client, adding value may mean offering an out-of-the-box strategy for the business itself or for company employees. Simply put, it means caring enough about your client to go the extra mile to meet or exceed their needs and to offer it at competitive prices.

If you think that these simple steps will not set you apart from others, try it. And don’t worry about giving away too much information; your clients will view you as the expert — the authority — in your field…. and will reward you handsomely.

Mike Stromsoe has been offering business advice to insurance professionals everywhere. After achieving personal success in this arena, he was encouraged to share the information with as many as he could, helping them to build the insurance business of their dreams to create the lifestyle of their dreams. The result–Mike Stromsoe’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program.

It is a program no insurance professional should ever be without!

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