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Happy Friday!!

A quick thought before you head off for a great weekend 🙂

I was privileged to sit with long time executives and the current president of a major insurance carrier for two days, in a small setting of less than 20 people total, recently. The message I walked away with is so important to you and the future of your agency, I simply could not wait to get it into your hands –

“If you master the skill of psychologically and emotionally connecting with your customers and prospects AND are willing to take action, you’ll be in the coveted “Income at Will” position.”

The good news is–you can do something about this today!

Click here for ALL of the details and take action >>>>>>> (copy and paste to your browser if needed)

Happy implementing!

Mike Stromsoe, Creator of the
Unstoppable Profit Producer Coaching
Program for Insurance Agents

PS Is Mike for real?

At times, we wonder if all the efforts we put forth pay off. And when I use the term “pay off”, I am not talking about money. Emails like the one below keep the engines humming at full speed – so grateful! Question for you – is it important to invest in nurturing your staff just like your AAA clients? In the words of Julia Gorzka ( – HECK YEAH!!! Read below.

From: Jim Nocero [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, May 27, 2010 11:23 AM
To: Andrea Wyatt
Cc: Mike Stromsoe
Subject: Is Mike for real?
I thought others out there should know that Mike is for real!
My Name is Jim Nocero a producer for Mike Stromsoe and I constantly hear the many great comments coming from those he inspires and had to let you know he is for real. In fact during my daily trips around town or in our community I often get the same question, is Mike for real? Absolutely he is. He not only inspires our clients and prospects but at the home front his inspiration and direction with his own producers continues to help us reach our goals. Mike’s has an uncanny ability to identify our individual abilities with the methods to instill the necessary skill sets that motivates us to reach our goals. Now every boss has their up and downs and I assure you when Mike has his, he is extremely direct and humble when needed. I wanted to let all of you know Mike is for real and if you are ready and willing to open your hearts and minds to achieve your goals, Mike is more than willing and able to help you reach them.
Thanks Mike for being unstoppable…
Jim Nocero
Stromsoe Insurance Agency
24910 Las Brisas Road, Ste 117
Murrieta, CA 92562
Phone: 951-237-2643
Fax: 951-677-6265

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